Traveling by remis is more expensive in Paraná: new prices and why the rise was due – Paraná

The rates of the remises in Paraná registered a notable increase in recent weeks, up to 30% in some remiseras. The eleven consulted some of the firms in the city to obtain a detail of the new prices and the arguments for the update.

“The initial rate is 300 pesos per kilometer”confirmed to The eleven one of the partners Parana Remises. It is that the San Agustín neighborhood firm updated its rate by 30% at the beginning of the month. “The last update was due to the rise in gasoline and this is for the spare parts, because they rose up to 60%”, explained Fernando Portillo.

“A 14′ tire for a remis costs about 25,000 pesos and a front end, plus the cost of the mechanic, another 120,000 pesos. it’s crazy”, summed up the associate at the El Palenque 2205 street taxi station. “There are fewer trips, but even the clients themselves are already asking when the price of the fare will rise,” he lamented.

Remises Paraná has a fleet of 70 cars and makes some 2,500 daily trips.

“The money that is seen the most is when the plans charge, because that is money that goes out into the street,” said the taxi driver from the San Agustín neighborhood, and compared: “If before the demand was when the municipal and state governments charged, now that is no longer noticeable… We complain about the planeros, who don’t work, but that’s the money that reaches the street”.

In fact, Portillo reported the drop in demand for the remis service. “The travel boom is with the payment of the bonus, then dim and lift with the parties and the other payment of the bonus,” he calculated.

Since Remises RiverMeanwhile, they informed The eleven what “The flag drop is 170 pesos and after two blocks it starts to rise.” The last rate update of the company at Calle 3 de Febrero 841 was “30 pesos on July 30”.

“The increase in the rate is more noticeable on long tripsbut it depends on the day, the weather, for example”, they indicated from the shuttle that has 47 cars. La Río makes “800 trips per day”.

while since laser remiseria a The eleven They confirmed that the “initial rate is 150 pesos and increases at 600 meters.” “The tab is 11.50 pesos and increased 15% a week ago,” said the administrator, José Canosa.

Canosa argued that the rise in prices is due “to the increases in the costs to maintain the cars, the spare parts and what the repairs come out in the mechanical workshops; four covers cost us more than 100 thousand pesos”. “The drivers cannot get to collect profits or to change the car”Canosa revealed.

On the occasion, from the Don Bosco 1195 avenue taxi station they revealed that a mobile makes up to 20 daily trips; and Laser has a fleet of 60 cars. “The pandemic left many drivers on the road, we lost about 60 cars, halfand that happened in all the remiseras”, he warned. “For this reason, remises are not available during peak hours”he explained.

“They say that economic activity recovered after the pandemic, but to put a car you need a million and a half pesos, in addition to what it costs to maintain it, and that is why the rate increases,” Canosa specified. (The eleven)

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