Tremendous! The condition that the girls had to meet yes or yes to enter Chiquititas was leaked

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Chiquititas It was, without a doubt, one of the great successes of phone in the 90s and an unprecedented phenomenon in the children’s and youth category, with overwhelming success not only on television and theater in Argentina but also in different countries around the world. Created by Chris Brown and with the leading role of that’s roma in the first four seasons, then followed up with Greece ColmenaresMarcela KloosterboerRomina Gaetani Y agustina cherri in the main roles.

Romina Yan and part of the cast of Chiquititas

The show ran from 1995 to 2001 for seven unbeatable seasons, and today kids watch the story unfold in the Home Corner of Light via YouTube. It was broadcast in 36 countries and there were more than 150 leading actors, including Facundo Arana, Fernán Miras, Hilda Bernard, Alberto Fernández de Rosa, Dario Grandinetti, Guido Kaczka, Susana Ortiz, Millie Stegmann, Celeste Cid, Benjamin Rojas, Felipe Colombo Y louisana lopilatoamong others.

Corazón con agujeritos practically became a children’s anthem and Romina Yan was, for many, the fairy godmother of their childhoods with the unforgettable character of Belén Fraga. A few days ago, some of the former Chiquititas actresses met with the excuse of going to see two of them at the theater, georgina fire Y Solange Verinaand the reunion caused a furor in social networks.

The first season of Chiquititas, in 1995, with Gabriel Corrado, Romina Yan and Natalia Lobo at the helm

daniella mastricchioSol en la tira, was one of the most prominent tiger nuts of the first four seasons and in a recent interview he commented on the demands of the recordings. “Depends on the value or meaning of what the word demand means for one, for me it is real that it was there but I am very self-demanding but they marked my great story, it trained me with responsibility and the production was equitable from the demand to the containment From that side I did not suffer it”, explained.

And now it was another of the former Chiquititas who revealed the particular requirement that they had to meet yes or yes to become part of the Cris Morena fiction staff. In dialogue with Hello Jimena Piccolo -Jime in the novel- detailed how he entered the series that marked the childhood of thousands of boys.

Chiquititas 1995

“In the 90s, my dad was a sales manager for a brand that gave clothes to kids from Treble clef. I was 4 years old, I was watching the show and I was in love with Guido Kaczka. Every time dad had to bring them clothes, he asked him to take me and one day I insisted so much that he took me. I started talking to everyone on the channel, the director saw me George Palace and told my dad: ´This girl has to work on TV´”. She gave him the phone number of the representative Anna Pechman and I insisted so much to my parents until they took me. I fell into Ana’s favor, she began to send me to castings and I was doing advertisements until I got on TV, “Jimena reviewed her acting beginnings.

His debut was in The super clan and from there it went to Christina and her friendsfraud Cristina Lemercier. “I went on tour around the country when I was only six years old, with my mom. I was very young. We did two years of theater and since at that time there weren’t that many kids working on TV, they called me directly. I did The Baby Sitters Club by Channel 9, High comedy, Worse is nothing fraud Guinzburg and played Merlina in a sketch of The crazy Gomez. Then I went into the novel You reap what you sowfraud louis kuliok Y osvaldo laport: I entered for two chapters and I stayed the whole cycle. So I was making my way until it arrived Chiquititas“, he recounted.

Jimena Piccolo to the left of Natalia Lobo at the top of the photo

If you came to Chiquititas by casting? Piccolo detailed it like this: “No. In Telefe I had played the character of an autistic girl in Foreverthey had liked it and called me direct Paco Fernandez de Rosa to tell me that they wanted to see me for a new program but they never told us that it was going to be called Chiquititas. I just had chickenpox, so I didn’t go and after 15 days they called me again. ´We are waiting for her´, they told my mother. The only condition was to be shorter than Agustina Cherri, a condition that I clearly met and stayed. I started with Chiquititas without imagining the phenomenon that was coming.”

In the photo, Jimena is seen next to Agustina Cherri fulfilling the central condition to be one of the Chiquititas

-Did it change your life?

-Forever. It was a boom. I entered when I was 10 years old and left when I was 14. I grew up in there and what happened to us and what we lived through was impressive. The program has a huge weight today and when they see me, nobody thinks or knows everything else I did. For everyone I will always be “Chiquititas”. I grew up inside those studios and I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I had a really good time and if you gave me a choice, I’d rather go record than go to a birthday.

Agustina, Cris and the Chiquititas

The complete interview with Jimena Piccolo for Soon, by clicking on this link

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