Unleashed beast: Ford introduced the new F-150 Raptor R with a 700 HP V8

Lhe F-150 Raptor created a new niche a few years ago: pickups with greater off-road preparation, an even more imposing look, more power and therefore extra performance. The formula was a total success and shortly thereafter came the answer from RAM with the 1500 Rebel. But the firm belonging to Stellantis went a step further and doubled the bet with the TRX – named precisely because it sounds like T-Rex-, an even more extreme variant and equipped with the V8 HEMI Hellcat, taking the reign from Ford. That is why the response from the oval firm has been expected for a long time: during the presentation of the new generation of the Raptor it had already confirmed that it was working on a V8 version and finally it has just been unveiled, the new F-150 Raptor R.

Let’s start with the most important thing, its engine: as if the 456 hp and the bellow of the V6 EcoBoost were not enough, Ford incorporated in the Raptor R the 5.2-liter V8 Voodoo with a supercharger from the Mustang Shelby GT-500, taking the power up to the 700 HP and 868 Nm of torque. But that’s not all, he also worked on the calibration of the 10-speed automatic transmission to adapt it to the extra performance of this engine, an improved intake system and a larger capacity crankcase to ensure proper lubrication of the internal components of the engine. under any condition.

Aesthetically, this variant adds some subtle details to make us realize that we are not dealing with an ordinary F-150 Raptor: it sports the R emblem on the grille and on the first/last letter of the side decals and on the box lid. load. Also the dome (Power Dome) of the hood is higher, anticipating that it has a larger engine, while inside the Recaro seats, upholstered in leather and alcantara, also have the embroidered R.

The rest of its features are similar to the V6: it has a selector for 7 driving modes (Slippery, Tow/Haul, Sport, Normal, Off-Road, Baja and Rock Crawl) that modify transmission, throttle and throttle parameters. the hardness of the shock absorbers. As for the suspension, it has a multilink rear axle with a Panhard bar that offers greater articulation and Fox mono-shock dampers – even more reinforced. The tires also play a very important role and in this case it is fitted with a 37” BF Goodrich KO2. The summary of modifications is completed by a special exhaust system with a valve that regulates the sound and allows you to choose between Quiet, Normal, Sport and Low modes.Will it outperform TRX RAM? A priori, in terms of power and torque figures, its rival from Stellantis offers a little plus: its engine is 6.2 liters, also with a compressor and develops 702 HP and 881 Nm of torque. Although both should be compared in off-road behaviour… Who will win the battle? At the moment, we can only see them from afar, although as a consolation, the new F-150 Raptor is already available in Argentina and RAM confirmed the arrival of the 1500 Rebel before the end of the year.

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