Used cars that are more expensive than a 0km

Experts and references agree that this is a very particular moment for the automotive industry. A transition period -from combustion to electric- is in itself complicated, but to this situation we must add a crisis in the logistics chain which causes, as a consequence, difficulties for the normal functioning of the market. What does this mean? that in the absence of components, productions are delayed and, therefore, demand accumulates for a low supply.

In Argentina, the problems multiply. To this situation, which hits the whole world, we must add barriers to imports, tax pressure, inflation and the problem dollar. All together is a cocktail dangerous for businesses. Now, with all this in a folder, two things happen in parallel: 0 km sales go down and used ones go up that, contrary to what would be believed, are models that are sold at a higher price Than one who never walked the streets.

But beyond the battery of local complications, the price phenomenon occurs throughout the world, only that some countries end up being hit harder than others. The newspaper El País, from Spain, recounted in an article how the vehicles used in its market today cost up to 21.5% more than the reference rate of 0km. And in Argentina it is enough to look at some listings to show similar amounts.

The 0KM version of the Hilux is marketed well below the price of previous models

For example, some models of the Toyota Hilux are listed by no more than $9,000,000 but the operations of used and previous models, according to the data provided by the Automotive Chamber of Commerce (CCA), They reach over $10,000,000. Specific case: a Hilux 2.8 TDi SRX model 2020 is sold $11,118,400 while the 0KM model 2022 could be obtained by $11,000,000. In that same line, the corolla cross even found two million pesos more expensive in versions of 2021 than the 0km 2022 (due to delays in deliveries, and always assuming that there are no surcharges in the case of 0km).

To mention another model to which something similar happens, the volkswagen nivus in its Highline version it is achieved by $6,621,300 0km according to the list price while the same model launched in 2020 is around $7,188,000.

In dialogue with THE NATION, Alejandro Lamas, secretary of the CCA, explained that this is a worldwide phenomenon which has been accentuated in recent times. “The deliveries of 0km products could not be normalized; then, the used stock begins to be highly valued. That doesn’t mean people pay for them,” she clarified.

The problem of semiconductors, the price of spare parts and also the lack of auto parts makes used models more expensive. By not getting, for example, covers, a vehicle that has them in perfect condition tends to increase in price against those with some wear. That, in a market without a value reference -which is usually the 0km market- leads to a large price distortion. On the other hand, sales of used cars, being from user to user, tend to not have a fixed price and there may be models well above or below the average.

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