Victims of Transhotel protested in front of the premises demanding justice

A group of victims of trans-hotel They protested this Friday, after five in the afternoon, in front of the company’s headquarters in Cordón, demanding justice.

The demonstrators occupied the village and part of Acevedo Díaz street. Demonstration with posters, applause and were accompanied by honks from vehicles circulating on the block.

Among the clients there was a minority group of people who missed the planned date of their trips without making it and others who do not receive a response to their calls to find out their situation.

Coldplay’s concert

One of the first complaints was made when a woman went to settle the payment for a trip she intended to make to Cancún (Mexico) with 11 relatives. When she arrived at the place she found the shutters closed. After consulting a neighboring business, they told him that the headquarters “has been closed for several days and people come and go taking things,” according to a victim told this Friday. The Observer.

At that time, they began to call people who were in the same situation via WhatsApp.

From the Ministry of Tourism they reported that Radamés Montero, director of the travel agency, has a period of ten days from last Tuesday to appear before the entity and clarify his situation. To date, they have received more than 80 complaints against the company.

“He spoke with us. He stated that he is looking for a solution, that he has a financial economic problem, but that he is looking for a solution. In that sense, we do not know what is going to happen. Hopefully he can find a solution”said Tabaré Viera, Minister of Tourism, a few days ago.

In addition, several testimonies were also reported from people who had largely or completely paid for their trips.

Among these, a young woman who bought a package in April to attend the Coldplay concert in Buenos Aires on October 28. As she explained, the cost was US $905 and included the entrance, the passage, the transfers and the lodging. Everything would be delivered a month before the date. In this case, the payment had been made by credit card in several installments.

“I did not insist. It fell like a bucket of cold water when a friend told me that the company closed its doors. This friend had gone to a Shakira concert in 2018 and everything was great. Also, being a physical location gives you more security , but they made fun of us,” he explained.

As explained by the protagonist of the case and other victims, some banks have frozen the remaining fees and others request that the claim be made to the company first. However, they do not know what can happen to the money that has already been paid.

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