Victoria Onetto confessed what is the unusual skill she learned from Luciana Salazar

Victoria Onetto told a hilarious anecdote with Luciana Salazar (Video: “PH, We can talk”, Telefe)

Away from television for quite some time, Victoria Onetto cultivates a low profile, since now she is devoted to her work as Undersecretary of Cultural Policies of the Province of Buenos Aires. However, this last Saturday she was invited to PH, can we talkwhere he returned to television and surprised by revealing an unusual anecdote from the time when he did magazine theater.

Luciana Salazar taught you how to pee in a little cup. Is this true?”, he asked her in surprise. andy kusnetzoff. To which she, completely unsettled, replied: “You’re cool, huh.” Then, at the driver’s insistence, he began by explaining: “On tours, we have all done tours in Argentina, sometimes it happens that you go to a theater, especially in winter, and to go to the bathroom you have to cross a block, or there isn’t.” And she continued, about the skill that she learned from the mother of Matilda: “It was at the construction site Pijama. Luli was peeing in a plastic cup. But hey, yeah, what’s he gonna do, have I ever done it”.

In another section of the program, Onetto referred to his decision to leave the artistic world aside. “She is an actress all her life, if you ask me if I would like to do something, I say yes. It’s not that I completely abandoned it, in fact in the first years of management at Avellaneda I did several things: micro-theater and a miniseries that came out in a pandemic. That vocation is never lost”.

In addition, she spoke about her husband’s relationship, Juan Blas Caballero. “We have been together for 20 years. I met him working because he had made the album for Leticia (Bredice). At that time I was on the crest of the wave, I was 30 years old and had separated from a relationship with a writer who turned me around like a sock. But it happened to me that I knew I was going to want to be a mom and I met someone who said: ‘I don’t’. So, well, I told him to take his books, his records, your languages… I lasted two months, ”she recounted.

Victoria Onetto and her husband, Blas Caballero

And he detailed: “At that time I was working a lot on television and in theater, and Leticia invited me to sing a choir of ‘La Rubia Tarada’. she believed me Virgina disaster. Then he came to the studio and he was already a recognized producer. Me with Leticia singing, feeling that he was a total genius, and he calls me and tells me: ´Yours is a disaster´. I told him: ‘Record and now’. And so it was, love.”

It had been in May 2021 when the governor Axel Kicillo appointed her to the current position she occupies in the Province, replacing Ezekiel David Grimson who had resigned days before. But that was not the first time that the actress held a political position, since from 2018 to 2020 she served as Secretary of Culture, Arts and Entertainment of the municipality of Avellaneda when jorge ferraresicurrent Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat of Argentina, was its mayor. Onetto had assumed office on July 9, 2018 during an act in which she was accompanied by many personalities from culture and politics. And it was Ferraresi himself who highlighted the importance of her appointment to that position: “It is a very important secretariat because it has a history of resistance. Victoria gives us pride and prestige”.


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