VIDEO. Bodybuilders from La Plata who stand out internationally: they need help to continue competing

A story of effort and overcoming. Two bodybuilders from La Plata, with extensive experience in the discipline, will seek to compete in the next South American to be held in the province of Tucumán, on September 17. However, they need help to cover expenses, since they are expensive and do not have any type of sponsor.

In dialogue with El Día, María Elizabeth Molina (Yiyí Rulo) South American Champion 2022 in São Paulo and Champion of Champions, along with her husband Fabio Gómez, (South American Champion 2015 in the Special Category and Competitor in the Master category over 50 years old), told their story and highlighted the campaign they started to raise the money.

In the first place, Molina told about his beginnings: “I started competing in 2014 and since that year I have been winning. The only one I lost was the first one, but later, thank God, I have been winning in all of them. One always seeks improvement and there are years when I choose to rest and not compete, so that I can be better next year. It’s very stressful, the diet, the training and also things around the house.”

On the other hand, she stated that this will be her last competition and that it will be special: “This year I decided to make it the last year of my career and I am going to retire, because I want to enjoy other things. I have already won many titles and I was the South American champion two years ago. months in São Paulo, Brazil. I am super happy for all my achievements”.

In turn, he recounted the effort involved in carrying out the discipline: “I dedicate an hour a day to training. The best training is in the kitchen, because it is key to eat healthy and eat what you know your body needs to know what you have to do. I train with my husband and we train together. We have a competition on September 17 and we are going to compete in both the couples and individual categories”.

And he added: “It’s something I liked since I was little, I grew up with my dad and without a mom, in the midst of boys. Since I was a girl I loved having muscles and when I grew up I dedicated myself to Fitness, in order to be online. My dad always raised me healthy and with good nutrition, after I grew up I had my gym in my own house. And I said to myself ‘I’m going to find a trainer’ and I went to look for him. Making a joke about a protein, he told me yes He wanted to compete and I told him that he was too old for that. He told me that there was no age and that I could compete, that was in 2014. From that moment I fulfilled a dream that was frustrated and that it came true”.

On the other hand, he detailed the solidarity request to be able to raise the money to travel: “This year we chose to ask for help, because it costs us a lot of expenses; the lodging. 17 thousand pesos we got the registration plus the trip and the lodging. I I had already been to Brazil years ago and I came out fifth, then I rested for a year and came back differently. The presidents of the federations asked me to participate in the South American, but nobody pays you anything. Given this, with my husband we decided to start selling raffles and let’s do whatever”

He also highlighted the value of the raffles: “The students we have in the gym support us a lot, the raffles hardly sold and they chose to put 1,000 pesos each, to be able to pay for my trip earlier. But this year we decided to do this raffle sales, which cost 500 pesos and have a cash prize. It is raffled on September 12 and we have to be in Tucumán to compete on the 17th, so we would have to travel three days before at least “

Molina also asked for greater recognition, since he had many achievements throughout his career: “We want people to know what we do, to know that we are not only coaches but also that we are in competition. Lately there are none and we are one of the few that are in competition. I always tell my husband that we do not know how to sell ourselves and what we ask for is a little recognition, of how much we give. It is a total pride to wear that shirt with the light blue and white and represent the national flag. You feel something special and more in sport than one carries in your heart. It’s a pride to be Argentine and I know that everything I wanted, I got”.

A story of overcoming

Fabio Gómez explained to El Día how she got started and how she fought against different obstacles, due to the prosthesis she has in one of her legs, “We have been competing together since 2014, I am from Avellaneda. I joined the gym with her and we both started to compete, being in the first positions since 2015. The priority for her to travel is hers, it is an expensive sport, 24 hours long and it requires a lot of sacrifice. We do not have sponsors or help from anyone, it is very difficult to situation. We are privileged in what we are doing.

And he explained: “At the beginning I started in a special category, where athletes with different abilities appear. And then I was able to participate with the “normal” boys in everything, so I opted for that. Always in the first places, I am not aesthetic but I they give that possibility. There are people who in my conditions are bedridden, but I wanted to get ahead and everyone can do it. It is done with sacrifice and we all have a backpack with many things. I had a traffic accident 25 years ago and I lost one of my legs over the knee. I had three cardiac arrests, a brain aneurysm and nearly died. After that, my life was totally different.”

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