VIDEO. The rise of blue: Alberto pointed to those who travel

During the act at the Casa Rosada Bicentennial Museum, where he announced a work plan, including the extension of the La Plata-Buenos Aires Highway to Provincial Route 11 (see page 9), President Alberto Fernández maintained that Argentina is not only “a place where tourists buy dollars to travel and make the blue dollar rise, nor is it the place where some speculators with the ´contado con liqui´ make the dollar rise and it makes us all uneasy”.

It was before a new surge in the financial dollar, which reached $304. In this way, the president once again criticized those who dollarize in parallel markets and even blamed them for the increase in exchange rate tension in recent weeks.

“Argentina is also this: the one that produces, the one that invests, the one that works, the one that provides employment, the one that educates, the one that heals. All of this is Argentina”, Fernández added and questioned the opposition and other sectors: “Every day they want to make us feel that we are in the worst of all worlds”.

complex moments

The President acknowledged: “I know that we are going through complex times, I know that we have to adjust some numbers of the public accounts, but that will not be done at the cost of stopping neither public works nor housing”, in the act that he shared with the Minister of Public Works, Mario Katopodis, and governors, including Axel Kicillof from Buenos Aires.

It is known that the United States bills that come out for tourism have been in the government’s sights for a long time, like that of imports. “The right to travel collides with the generation of jobs”, Silvina Batakis slipped in one of her first statements on a cable channel as Minister of Economy, Days later, the AFIP raised the perception for Earnings and Assets by 10 percentage points Personnel for operations destined to the consumption of dollars for trips and expenses abroad, to bring it to 45 percent.

For consultants, “the run began after Guzmán’s resignation.”

President Alberto Fernández reaffirmed today, when presenting the Argentina Grande works plan, his Government’s decision to administer the country from a “present State that does not leave what the State must do in private hands”, while pondering public works as “a great engine to generate work and development”.

In an act at the Casa Rosada Bicentennial Museum, Fernández announced seven of the 120 strategic works included in “Argentina Grande, the Public Works Plan for the Development of the Nation” that already has 5,000 works underway.

The words of the Head of State, those of Katopodis and those of the governors who participated in the act were the axis in the construction of an Argentina that develops through public works and that does so in a “federal” manner.

“Public works must be a great engine to bring work and development to the entire country,” he said. Fernández highlighted the works launched and distributed throughout the national territory and stressed: “As a porteño, I was outraged and asked them to trust me that I am the most federal of porteños: here is the evidence.”

Criticizing Macri, Fernández recalled that, when he became president in 2019, he had to deal with what was left of the Public-Private Participation system.

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