Viral video: Lali kissed a fan who fainted in the middle of the show

Lali Esposito kissed a fan in the middle of the show

The hashtag was inaugurated by the Lali Esposito by posting on Instagram different images -photos and videos- of the show he gave a week ago at the Belgrano Station in Santa Fe, as part of his tour. That night -Friday, July 23, for more information- the jury of The Argentine Voice kissed in the middle of the stage Nati Jota, Flower Jasmine Peña, Kevsho Y Mica Suarez. And then the play on words, to generate the complicity of social networks: #ChapeTour.

Nati Jota, fan of the singer since she was one of the figures of Almost angelsrecounted the video during his visit to pH. “Lali tells me: ‘Hey, here’s a kiss?’ And I tell him: ‘Of course!’ And that’s where it happened. It’s very hot Lali, so I said: ‘I’m taking this to the grave’”, said the instagramer, amused. However, in response to the query andy kusnetzoff She was a bit sorry: “Then I was a bit embarrassed”.

while saturday night phone put Andy’s program on the air, and Jota’s sayings, Lali sang in the music squarein Cordovabefore 6000 people. The effusiveness in Espósito’s shows not only occurs on stage, with the singers and their dancers, giving themselves completely in each performance: downstairs, the public also experiences it intensely. And that is why, while listening “I’m not alone”a young woman decompensated.

One of the images of the show in Córdoba that Lali Espósito shared on her Instagram account

Lali noticed the bad moment of her fan. And after waiting for her to compose herself, he invited her to come closer. On her knees just on the edge of the stage, the singer was gesticulating, trying to convince her: “Come, come!!”. Perhaps hesitant at first, the young she did. And while the song continued to play, she stood in front of the singer. “Are you okay?” Esposito asked.moving the microphone away so that his words would not be heard. And then, at the affirmative answer, she placed her lips in position to give a kiss. The young woman moved her face, laying her cheek. Lali turned a few centimeters and, provoking the general shouting, gave him a beak.

It was her own Victoria Brownthe admirer in question, who uploaded the video to her social networks. “Context: I passed out and good old Lali gave me a spike. I love you queen, ”she wrote, at the bottom. And later, she added: “Posta que I never intended for that to happen. What’s more, I asked my girlfriend (who had accompanied her to the show) not to delivered because I wanted to keep seeing her up close. I didn’t want to leave my place!” After a while, she was surprised by the repercussions: “How come I’m trending on Twitter?” And he also clarified that his girlfriend had not been jealous of what had happened.

After making sure that she was recovered, Lali kissed the admirer
After making sure that she was recovered, Lali kissed the admirer

It is common for Lali to kiss her dancers during the recital. And a couple of years ago she had kissed the Venezuelan model alexandra ephemeral, girlfriend of Andres Ceballosband performer devicewith whom he had premiered the theme “I am to fly”. That time, however, the kiss had had a clear reason: to destroy the rumors that romantically linked Esposito with the Spanish musician, with whom he had recorded a very passionate video clip.

Now, the versions also relate her to another Spanish singer, Ratio Bwith whom a few weeks ago he coincided during a vacation in Europe. In September, she continued with the Disciplinary Tour which started in two packed Luna Parks, Lali will perform in the Iberian Peninsula. It is suspected that there will be a reunion with Resl B. And more kisses. Above the stage, or below.


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