Visit Mallorca (or not)

The theme for this article was between Visit Mallorca and SOS Residents, but for the latter it may be a bit soon and the former will run out after thousands of tweets, dozens of articles, various interviews and a politician from Palma who has taken the opportunity to find a side humorous to the long meeting of the Consell. Unfortunately, we have done it on major issues, very soon we will have forgotten this incident (which has also confronted fans of various clubs).

As a fundamental and perhaps unique idea: I consider it regrettable that a broad consensus has been achieved for this insignificant question when we need it for much more relevant debates and that also appear in this economic contribution for a sponsorship. Do we want tourists or not? Are our leaders right or wrong? There were other more elegant or justifiable formulas and it has become clear that we do not know, at least from politics, how to solve the underlying problem: the management of the tourist flow and seasonal adjustment. There are many ways to spend on promotion and the easiest may currently be the least suitable. I do believe that there is a need for this promotion spending within a strategy, also controversial when applying the proceeds of the eco-tax. Therefore, we must demand that it be done with the utmost rigor, data and with specific objectives (winter market, cruises in other ports of Mallorca, cultural tourism…). The private sector has spent a lot to transform itself and, without a doubt, the public sector should face that crossroads. It is essential to promote an interaction between the two in the face of their estrangement, especially when this political conspiracy revives the confrontation over tourism that exists and that translates into more whiffs of tourism phobia (unbearable as well as unproductive). This scandal has made it clear that politicians manage their interests and their image when it is true that the image of Mallorca as a destination is suffering (from success).

It is easy to damage the brand, as when the Island of Putzfrauen, a simile that was used in Germany with a derogatory character and in order to sink us (our attractions and know-how were stronger than that movement). I will always understand that any of our islands must be open to profiles and that we must live up to the illusion shown by those who visit us and entrust their vacations. Deseasonalize is a utopia and the system itself seems to not want it. Also, we don’t know if the cure can be worse than the disease (we went against all-inclusive and now we don’t mind if tourists don’t leave the hotel for their entire stay). We know what visiting Mallorca and its future depend on and this requires our maximum efforts. They go far beyond tourism, it is a path that we will hardly advance with these politicians so attached to their own.

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