Visiting Buenos Aires, Celina Rucci suffered a criminal act in a bar in Palermo

Celina Rucci was assaulted in Palermo (The afternoon of the 9th)

She has been living in New York for some time, where she lives with her partner, the doctor from Rosario federico giradi, Celina Rucci spent a few days in Buenos Aires, where he took the opportunity to reunite with his loved ones. And during her stay in our country, the actress was the victim of an episode of insecurity while having breakfast with her family in a bar in Palermo.

The event was recorded on security cameras and broadcast by Rucci herself on her Instagram account, which later gave more details in an interview with the afternoon of the ninththe program they lead Thomas Dente Y Pia Slapka. She “she She was sitting there, having breakfast, a car stopped, they asked us: ‘excuse me, do you know such a street?’ As I pull out my phone, try to Google it, the car starts up and says ‘it’s done’. There you can see in the images how my white bag goes with the man, ”she explained, while the images showed the filming.

In the midst of her anger, Celina allowed herself to reflect on what happened: “Is it my fault because I had my passport in my wallet? No, stop a bit, I’m not guilty. The fault lies with the person who is stealing, stealing in this case,” he said. And he compared the insecurity in Buenos Aires with his day-to-day life in New York: “Where I live, things happen, because the place doesn’t matter, where there is a bad human being, things happen. But not unsolved. It’s not just making the complaint, it’s also giving a solution, ”she said.

During the talk, Rucci told what he felt at the time the event occurred: “I have a neighborhood, I’m from the West, from Caseros. I realized the whole play as it was, it’s not that I had my wallet hanging. I automatically asked for the cameras and said: let’s call the police,” she recounted. “Let’s stop naturalizing these things, because the wallet matters three hells, the papers too, but there are cameras, there are tools and hopefully all this is for them to use, because I don’t know if it’s like that,” he said. Already with the filming in her power, he spread it on his networks and asked his followers for collaboration. “If they find some documents (passports, DNI) in the name of María Celina Rucci, write to my account that they will be rewarded. Thank you”.

Celina Rucci asked her Instagram followers for help

The actress accompanied her husband to a traumatology congress that was held in Pilar, and according to what she said in the talk, she travels to the country every time she can to be close to her loved ones: “Every time I can I go back, I have my mother, to my children, my lifelong friends and I was so happy to come,” she said. And she linked it to the serious health problem she experienced years ago. “The heart makes one make other decisions, and every now and then I come back, we stay Saturday and Sunday to celebrate. After going through cancer and leukemia, luckily things turned out well for me, I am in a plan in which I try to enjoy every moment of my life.

In March 2021, Celina surprised to make public his fight against leukemia: “By my own decision, I decided to hide”, he said about the decision he made about the diagnosis he had received at the end of May 2020. And after a chemotherapy treatment, the actress began the road to recovery.

“I clung so much to my convictions that I faced it as if it were one more test that gives you this great learning that is to live. I was afraid, but I fought it with laughter and humor, I had anxiety, like everyone else for not knowing if there was a future, but I decided to live each day as unique and unparalleled “, said about how he approached his recovery.


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