Wanda Nara and another scandal: they filter a photo of the laundry room where her employee slept in Milan

In the midst of leaking an audio in which he confirms that he is going to divorce Mauro Icardianother scandal returns to leave wanda nara in the eye of the storm: Carmenone of her employees accuses her of having left her forgotten in the country house that the family has in Milan. And now also It was revealed that the woman sleeps in a laundry room on that property.

After this information was leaked, the In the afternoon (America) released an image of the place in question. It is a very small room where there is a bed surrounded by washing machines and other appliances. The snapshot drew attention, since the mansion has many more comfortable and spacious rooms than that one.

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In addition, according to the testimony that Carmen herself gave this morning to Show Partners (eltrece), there is a rat infestation on the property. A very uncomfortable situation with which she will soon stop living, since the media had recently sent her the tickets to return to Argentina.

The photo of the laundry room where Carmen, the employee of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, slept. (Photo. Capture America)

Although his return to the country is on the way, the scandal is far from over because it transpired that the media He hasn’t paid Carmen’s salary for 5 months. “He doesn’t throw a mango at her, and he has her lying in a field. What she does is horrible, Carmen is an old lady, “said Margy Mernies, a former employee of Wanda Nara, in a message that she sent to Luis Ventura.

The audios that Carmen sent and Wanda Nara received

wanda nara She is a refugee in her apartment in Buenos Aires, where today in the afternoon she will do the promos of the program in which she will participate: Who is the mask? (Telephone). In the meantime, show partners presented some audios that reveal the relationship he has with Carmenthe employee of the Milan country house.

From the outset, the media offered to pay him the ticket so that he can return whenever he wants. “Yes, I’m going to go, when you send me the ticket I’m going. I recognize that you were a great person with me, you helped me a lot and I thank you a thousand times“, Told him. Apparently, Wanda offered him a job after an accident Carmen had, and a photo of her beaten was even leaked.

In “Partners of the show” they presented a series of audios that demonstrate the complicity that exists between them. In addition, he revealed that Nora Colosimo, the Nara’s mother, stopped by the country house in Milan to support her. (Photo: LAM video capture // Instagram @wanda_nara)

If you send me even 100, 2,000, 1,000 euros to pay for my thingsto travel, that’s it, I have no problem, everything is fine, “he said. And, for the next audio, she can be heard crying and trying to clear things up with her boss. “Listen to me Wanda, you excuse me, I would never send you to the front, much less with those shitty journalists… that is what hurts me the most”, he was honest.

At the same time, he explained the conditions in which he is living: “Now I am taking a number of rats from the room where the boys sleptWhere is the engine room? there are rats dead and a lot rotten smell. I had to put on gloves to get them out.”

The businesswoman enjoyed a few days at her country house.  (Photo: Instagram wanda_icardi)
The businesswoman enjoyed a few days at her country house. (Photo: Instagram wanda_icardi)

The truth that I feel destroyeddestroyed. I want to go,” she said, her voice cracking. She also dealt with the person who leaked the information, which until now is unknown if it was a journalist or a friend of Carmen. She, implacable, launched: “That daughter of a bitch… she’s going to pay me, but she’s going to pay me well. When I go there to Buenos Aires I’m going to grab her that shitty mare… What must be messing with me?

In another of the leaked audios, he confirmed that Nora Colossimothe mother of the nara which is located in Italy, I would be going soon to back it up.

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