Wanda Nara arrived in Argentina and faced rumors of a crisis with Mauro Icardi

This Monday, wanda nara arrived in Argentina, after enjoying a vacation in Europe with his sister, Zaira Nara. As soon as she arrived at the Ezeiza airport, the businesswoman chatted with journalists about various topics, such as rumors of a marital crisis with the soccer player Mauro Icardi.

“Are you okay with Mauro?” asked a chronicler of the cycle show partners (The thirteen). “Yes all ok”he limited himself to answering while carrying a cart with many suitcases. On this occasion, the model was accompanied by her close friend and stylist, Kennys Palacios.

She made this getaway to fulfill commitments related to her participation in the new cycle Who is the mask? Telefe’s big musical show that will be hosted by Natalia Oreiro. In this format that is a success in the world various celebrities hide their identity with masks and suits from head to toe. In this way, they compete, displaying their musical prowess.

According to reports, there are possibilities that the China Suarez join this program as a guest, since she is taking her first steps as a singer. In this way, Wanda could have a face to face on the small screen with the actress who had an affair with the father of her two daughters.

“You know that anyone can appear under the mask”, the journalist pointed out. Quickly, Nara replied: “I didn’t put any conditions, let’s see who they put me to.” The chronicler added: “Because China released a disc and it seems that it is summoned.” “Look how good. I’m glad for her…”The model replied, with an ironic tone.

They also consulted him about a striking episode that occurred in Ibiza when he was at an Ozuna recital with his sister and some other friends. In the video that the model recorded during the show and later uploaded to the networks, a young man named Eddie Rodríguez approached the businesswoman and kissed her breasts.

Wanda Nara shared a video in which a man kissed her cleavage

Also, he tried to treat Wanda to a sip of the drink she was having.and she resisted while her sister yelled at her: “Don’t take it!” The truth is that, seeing that the businesswoman was still recording the moment, Zaira saw him: “Delete it, delete it!”. But she ignored him and continued dancing while smoking an electronic cigarette.

“He’s a friend, he works with my sister”explained about Eddie Rodríguez to minimize the issue. He was also consulted about a strong reflection that he made on his networks after he received questions about some photographs that were taken of him on the beaches of Ibiza. “You’re a little intense, will you let me in?”Wanda complained to the cell phone show partners and got into a vehicle without wanting to give more statements in front of the cameras.

The photos of Wanda Nara on the beach in Ibiza (The Grosby Group)
The photos of Wanda Nara on the beach in Ibiza (The Grosby Group)

“Girls, if I am so successful being like this, I recommend that you start hitting pizzas without guilt”, Nara had expressed in her stories regarding the images that were published of her in a bikini. Furthermore, she stated: “Obviously nobody uploads a photo where it looks bad. When I got sick with COVID, I didn’t upload photos ruined in bed. All of us (those of us who have the possibility) put the photo eating sushi or a balcony with a good view. I keep eating polenta, rice, and butter noodles, but they’re not very Instagrammable.”

“I can assure you that I love every inch of my body. Yes! I have cellulite, as we all do. Also acne. And in summer roots because I take a break from dyeing, ”she continued. Lastly, he concluded: “Well…I’m real! And I choose my best profile to upload to my networks”.


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