Wanda Nara’s employee burst into tears in a new audio where she denied her own version

In the midst of the news of their divorce, wanda nara was involved in a new scandal. Carmen, an employee of hers, accused her of having left her forgotten in Italy. Finally the problem was solved, but new audios were leaked in which the woman retracts herself and denies having been stranded, undocumented and without money.

to the air of JUSTICE (America), they said that the media businesswoman hired an agency to manage Carmen’s return to the country. Those conversations came to light and show that she is not really in such a hurry to return.

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First, the agency employee offered him a ticket for the next daybut she asked to be left open because “she wanted to go visit a friend.”

There, she stated that she was distressed by the information circulated in the media. “I have nothing to say, she has given me clothes and I have met the whole world. She is very generous but the journalists are very rabbleThey said things that are not,” he said.

Wanda Nara, came to Argentina for work. (Instagram/@wanda_nara)

Regarding the audios that circulated, she hinted that it was a private conversation with a friend who betrayed her and leaked it.

It was then that he flatly denied all the versions that circulated and detailed: “I sleep in a large room that has two beds and windows that overlook the lake.. (…) Nice room, nice everything. They say things that are not.”

Far from the version that she did not even have to eat, Carmen remarked that when she needs something, the gardener takes her to the supermarket, pays and then arranges with Mauro Icardi.

The woman denied having had a bad time in Milan and being desperate to return to the country. (Photo: Capture America / Instagram wanda_nara)

In addition, he pointed out that he always felt part of the family, to the point that they have spent parties together, that he has traveled with them and that they never skimped on expenses. “She is not bad, she is a calm woman. The mother is the same, the boys are loving”, he assured.

Before ending the conversation, Carmen broke down due to the repercussion Which is the topic: “I am very distressed because many things have been said that are lies. She invents and I don’t know with what face to look at her. People invent, they say everything”.

After the betrayal of her employee, Wanda Nara did not want to hire anyone: she started cleaning and they recorded her

Since he arrived in Argentina, wanda nara did not stop receiving questions about his relationship with Mauro Icardi. Although he preferred not to say anything on the subject, it is now known that asked for a divorce. The news came to light through an audio that he sent privately to Carmen, the domestic worker that you have in Milan.

Carmen I came to Argentina because I’m doing Mauro’s divorce. I’ll stay a few more days and then I’ll come back and get you the ticket and everything you need. I’m organizing things for the divorce because I can’t anymore, ”she pronounced in absolute confidence.

Wanda Nara had to start cleaning in her apartment in Núñez.  (Photo: instagram/merysunshinee)
Wanda Nara had to start cleaning in her apartment in Núñez. (Photo: instagram/merysunshinee)

After this betrayal, the businesswoman wants nothing to do with hiring people and she had no choice but to clean her apartment in Núñez herself, a few meters from the Monumental. A friend recorded her while vacuuming the rug under the table and the video went viral in a few minutes.

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