Wanda Nara’s environment revealed the reasons for the divorce and pointed against China Suárez

Despite the efforts they made wanda nara Y Mauro Icardi to reconcile and bet on their marriage, everything indicates that they are getting closer to divorce. The news would not have been a surprise for the media environment, which has long known that the scandal that had China Suarez as the protagonist it was a hard blow that the couple could not heal.

I have this from a very good source. what they do not overcome is the episode with China Suárez. Find the way you want or dress it up, but that’s what they couldn’t row from that Instagram story “, Ángel De Brito remarked on the air of LAM (America) when he gave the scoop.

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The driver stressed that he was not giving his opinion on the situation, but was expressing “what Wanda feels”. “She did not get over it and Mauro let go at one point. This is the only concrete topic they have, there is no other, ”she added.

After this information, the show program panel agreed that the soccer player could have thrown in the towel in the face of his wife’s continuous reproaches and no longer try to win her back.

How is the relationship between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi

During this discussion, Yanina Tower interrupted his vacation for a moment and contacted Ángel De Brito to provide more details of the crisis they are going through wanda nara Y Mauro Icardi. “I tell you that there is no divorce at the door nor did the paperwork begin”the little angel specified.

The panelist maintained that the audio that was leaked with the announcement of the divorce was only a media strategy to contain the employee, who was furious because they had left her stranded in Milan. “It was a resource to answer the lady who worked in the house. She came here and promised her a salary that she didn’t pay her. Then, he does that drama so that the lady feels sorry for him”.

Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara are about to divorce.  (Photo: Instagram / wanda_icardi)
Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara are about to divorce. (Photo: Instagram / wanda_icardi)

Latorre also said that his sources gave him the same information that De Brito obtained: the crisis between the couple has been real since last year when Wandagate broke out. “She did not forgive him and never ran from that place”, he indicated.

Finally, she did not hesitate to affirm that the media has her husband as a “trophy”. “The evil tongues think that she does not want to divorce because she is afraid that she will go to China”complete.

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