We will take photos this vacation, and we can improve them a lot with the help of these apps and tips

If there is a word that is almost synonymous with vacation, that is photos. We take photos, many photos, when we travel during the holidays and many of them are of places that we want to remember because of their special character or because we visit them sporadically. In this context, Let’s review several applications with which we can improveand much, our vacation photos.

ProCamera, Halide or Firstflight for the shots

There are many applications to take photos with our iPhone. The best known, of course, is the Camera app that comes with all our phones. Other options, especially if we want to better control some variables and take a photo with manual settings.

At Applesfera we have analyzed apps like ProCamera, very versatile in compositions and manual adjustments, or options like Halide or Firstflight, both with an excellent design and a wide range of possibilities when it comes to taking our best snapshots. There are more options, of course, what we have to look at is that let us vary approaches, lighting, and other features that will allow us to take more creative photos.

TouchRetouch for editing

When we talk about editing, in addition to cropping and reframing or modifying brightness, exposure, sharpness or saturation from the Photos app, we may want remove some elements that are left over in the photo. This is where TouchRetouch comes into play, an app with which deleting any element is as easy as touching it.

As we already told you in detail in Applesfera, the app offers us smart pick, wire pick, quick repair and all by simply passing your finger over what we want to delete. A most interesting resource to leave our compositions exactly as we want them.

SunSurveyor and PeakFinder for planning

Finally, if we have to talk about photography we have to talk about planning some photos. To know what time the sun will be just behind that monumentor what time the blue hour will be is fundamental, and this is where SunSurveyor stands out, a very interesting app to plan our photos playing with the sun and the moon.

We can also use PeakFinder to get an idea of ​​the relief that we will find in the area and to be able to plan the best points of view according to what we want to photograph.

Finally we have to talk about some tricks to improve our photos with the iPhone and also about these six essential tips to take good photos. At the end of the trip, and post-production, keep in mind that a photo show is one of the best ways to show off our iPhone. It is true that trips are to be enjoyed, and vacations to change the rhythm and disconnect from certain activities, but whether we are interested in photography or if we just want to improve the photographic memories of our trips, these apps and tips will come in really handy . only us it will be smiling in the shots.

Image | Karsten Winegeart

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