Welcome aboard: it was like Mauricio Macri’s double and he broke it by imitating the former president’s dance

The segment of the similarities is one of the favorites of the viewers of Welcome aboard (the thirteen), not only for the thrill of guessing who it is, but for the hilarious episodes that unfold during the game. Tuesday’s edition was no exception since, The program had just started, a participant surprised by showing his incredible imitation of Mauricio Macri.

Welcome aboard: it was like Mauricio Macri’s double and he broke it by imitating his dance step

As soon as the clock struck four in the afternoon, Laurita Fernández appeared on the eltrece screen ready to start a day full of games and fun with her classmates. Welcome aboard. To inaugurate Wednesday’s edition and without much preamble, He indicated that it was time for the segment of the similarities, one of the favorites of the public. “Let’s see who is on the other side of the door,” he said, inviting the participant to enter the study.

Tall, with curly gray hair and blue eyes, the man approached uncertainly towards the jury -made up of the ever-present Hernán Drago and the guests of the day, Marcelo Iripino and Verónica de la Canal-. With a shy smile and in silence, he stood before those who had the task of guessing which celebrity or public figure it was.

Mauricio Macri’s double went to Welcome aboardvideo capture

Quickly, both the singer and the designer assured that they knew whose double it was. For his part, the model admitted that he was still undecided. After a Chicana from the driver, who accused him of always being lost, he replied: “As I’ve been sitting here for a while, everyone here says ‘oh yes I have it, I have it’. Wait for them to say let’s see if you have it”.

After the fun exchange, Laurita began to interview the participant from Benavídez to get clues that will help both those present and the audience to find the correct answer. After admitting that she was written down by a niece and that everyone in her family says that it is very similar to her famous version, He assured that the resemblance does not bother him.

The resemblance between a participant of Welcome aboard and Mauricio Macri
The resemblance between a participant of Welcome aboard and Mauricio Macrivideo capture

Realizing that most had already guessed, the protagonist of The Gronholm-method started showing signs. “If I see you from the front, no, but if you put yourself at 45 ° you are the same,” said the driver. “Do you have a family?” she asked. Upon receiving a negative response from the architect, added by way of hint: “There is no sorceress then”, in reference to the nickname that Mauricio Macri uses to refer to his wife, Juliana Awada.

“I would tell you, go preparing Chano’s song. But something fundamental is, what painting are you from? ”, She asked him. Laughing, he replied: “Independent. Oh no, I’m from Boca.” Finally, it was Vero de la Canal who was encouraged to risk and opted for Mauricio Macri.

Mauricio Macri's double danced with Laurita Fernádez
Mauricio Macri’s double danced with Laurita Fernádezvideo capture

To celebrate, Laurita asked them to play “Magic City” by Tan Bionica, a song that the former president used in repeated political acts. Immediately, the participant performed the fun dance that the former president won the sympathy of some and the ridicule of others. Before the end of the show, the former public official’s doppelganger reappeared and he had even more reason to celebrate as he remains in the running for a trip to Europe.

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