What about used cars in Mendoza

We live in a country with an unstable economy and a dollar that remains the same. This has generated uncertainty and bewilderment in people seeking to invest savings and the vast majority have opted to freeze their dreams and wait. No one wants to lose their money’s worth.

The Buy and sell of cars it is one of the many businesses that have frozen with the rise in the US currency, and people choose to wait and save to avoid losing money when making a purchase. Even some used car dealerships seem empty of customers.

Elbio Gomezsalesman at the dealership norauto I talked to him MAIL and explained the situation: “Everything has stopped because people are speculating, those who have dollars don’t buy and those who don’t choose to buy dollars, the automotive theme is stopped both in zero kilometers, as in used. We can’t finance either, because the interest rate changes every week, so we can’t finance vehicles either.”

Many cars in stock and little movement.

Martin Blaskovicowner of “The Garage Motors” He also pointed out that sales have been down for months and that the big impact, at least for them, is at the beginning of each month: “the price of used cars has begun to have an impact this month, since we have monthly updates.”

Little movement in the agencies.

On the other hand, many people resort to publishing their vehicles on the internet, one of the sites that offers this service is Wheel, its commercial director, Gabriel Flores, explain everything MAIL the other side of car sales: “The sale of vehicles has come to a certain standstill since the end of the pandemic, but certainly these sudden changes in exchange rates usually cause sales to be stopped or postponed until a value can be established. sale logic”.

An unpatented Duster, ready for sale.

Flowers I assure you the publications have gone down and that many even change them with updated prices and others directly eliminate them: “In July, especially, many gave up selling until a value was fixed, others chose to adjust the sale value between 10 and 20%”.

Finally, ensure that the recommended when changing the vehicle is to perform a swap operation since if you delay today in the purchase you will surely have lost money.

On the other hand, he said that it is convenient to access financing since with reasonable fixed rates and taking into account inflation, price increases, vehicle values ​​and the buyer’s income adjustment.

On the page you can also search for your vehicles in installmentsToday, in general, budgets are given with the value almost up to date and with a very short offer validity, from 1 to 5 days maximum depending on the seller,” said Flores.

Some vehicle prices on the Wheels page:

FIAT SIENA / MODEL 2007 $900,000
RENAUL LOGAN / 2013 MODEL $1,500,000
FORD FIESTA KD /MODEL 2015 $2,400,000
TOYOTA ETIOS / MODEL 2017 $3,005,000
PEUGEOT 408/ MODEL 2019 $3,900,000

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