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In the Argentine labor market there are some professions whose salaries exceed the average remuneration. What are these profiles and what do they do?

The working market Argentina is constantly changing before the challenges that digital transformation requires of companies who want to remain leaders in their segment or close the gap with the competition.

In this context, there are five positions that stand out not only for being among the first of the searches, but also because earn above the private sector averagewhich according to the RIPTE index (Average Taxable Remuneration of Stable Workers (RIPTE) measured by the Government amounts to 141,000 pesos.

Salary and Duties of an Audit Manager

The Audit Manager is in charge of review, examine and evaluate operations administrative and financial of a company. Its objective is to ratify that the records are consistent with the activity actually carried out”, he points out to iProUP Sebastián Maciarello, manager of BPO and Selection of Auren.

Matías M. Canónico, Sr Manager and Executive Search of High Flow Latam, adds what “audit management profiles have always been highly regarded and in demand“, although now “they require more training and up-to-date knowledge of global issues”.

An audit manager can earn up to $10,000

With respect to salariesCanonical divides them into two groups:

  • An audit director of a multinational with a regional focus is in the order of $10,000 a month”
  • “In relation to the rest of the companies, a manager earns approximately US$8,000 per month

According to the expert, “the variable that improves managerial salary is when your position implies be number one in the departmentwhich increases its internal positioning. The SMEs, in many cases, rely on external studies“.

Salary and duties of a compliance manager

According to Canonico, this profile is important for companies because “It is the basis for future regulations, changes in regulations, evangelization within an organization and awareness for avoid problems older, like organizational fraudamong other things.”

In this sense, he adds that “the same Legal department was incorporating it into its area. If you maintain absolute independence, you usually report to boardotherwise, you can do it to CEO, to a Legal VP or Human Resources“.

The salary of a compliance expert can reach $6,000

The salary of a compliance expert can reach $6,000

Among his main tasksMaciarello lists:

  • Identify all regulations that affect the company
  • Integrate processes and procedures with relevant regulations
  • Train, disclose and communicate about regulatory compliance
  • Implement controls to identify risks and legal incidents
  • Make periodic reports
  • Create compliance indicators
  • Advise on matters of compliance

Being a key position, your income is well positioned.According to him antiquity, win between $2,000 to $6,000 per month. Profiles with lower levels are not usually seen, due to the responsibilities of the function”, reinforces Canonical.

Salary and duties of a Robotic Process Automation expert

RPA refers to the use and implementation of robotics or Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop automated systems that do not require human intervention“, defines Macarello.

Delfina Cercato, Community Manager of Aliancers, highlights iProUP: “Implementing RPA is key for companies due to the short-term benefits: time and money are saved. Automation is the use of software robots for highly repetitive routine tasks that workers normally do.

For his part, Sebastián Divinsky, general director of EducaciónIT, assures iProUP What is itAmong the responsibilities of these roles are:

  • To model and refinerthe specifications to determine a detailed design
  • To create adaptArkansas classes, modules, or other pieces of software
  • gorify the programs andcheck the code
  • Hold application productivityoptimize its performance, fix bugs and implement new features
  • Support implementation of RPA solutions and create documents
  • Build apps with a focus on functionality
  • Detect opportunities for improvement or compliance and observations to include them in the continuous improvement system

Many look atExterior for the possibility of receiving income in dollars. Today, a senior specialist earns up to $3,000 per month“, reveals the iProUP Víctor Belaunde, Manager of Ecosystems.

RPA specialists can earn up to $3,000 per month

RPA specialists can earn up to $3,000 per month

To this must be added what happens between the free throwrswho, on average, are earning $95 per hour. According to Freelancermap, it is more convenient to work as a foreign contractor,” adds Cercato.

Salary and functions of a gFinance Manager

Servide remarks that this position “came to play a strategic and increasingly leading rolepositioning itself alongside managers and commercial directors in the Business management and support of the CEO or the general manager in strategic decisions”.

According to the expert, “it is the management of the business model and finances what determines the sustainability, growth and expansion of a company, beyond business development and sales.

As far as its functionsMaciarello highlights:

  • Guarantees the liquidity of the company
  • Analyze possible investments
  • Financial decision advisor
  • Establish alliances with banks
  • Lead projects that seek expansion into new markets
Finance managers get paid close to $1 million per month

Finance managers get paid close to $1 million per month

“It is a position that is being reinvented due to the new complexities in the country’s economic policies,” Damián Di Masso, from Glue Executive Search, tells iProUP and reveals the wages of the position:

  • Medium-sized companies: “They range from $700,000 to $1 million, plus bonuses (20% to 30% of annual salary)”
  • Corporations: “Values ​​can double or reach even higher amounts, depending on the importance in the organization”

Experts repeat that they must have a constantly updatedtherefore, a reinforced university education is required. “Complementary training with postgraduate or master’s degrees in finance, economics or business (MBA) is essential that specializes them in an area and allows them to have a global vision of the operation,” says Servide.

Salary and duties of a Marketing manager

According to Servide, “he is responsible for building, maintain and increase the strength of a brandimprove sales, customer loyalty, perform competitor studiesanalyze the active and potential portfolio, also determine strategiescreate the action plan of a product or service using all available tools and channels”.

“Performs monitoring, measurement, surveys, statistics of all advertising campaigns, manages all actions provided by the discipline of marketing and ensures that everything is in consistent with brand identity“, adds the executive.

In addition, he points out that “the remuneration may vary by vertical markets, that is, by type of industries and company size:

  • SMEs: “They offer an average minimum wage of $350.00 and a maximum of $550.000
  • mediated company: “We found a minimum mean of $420,000 until the $800,000
  • Big companies: “They receive a minimum of $600,000 until $900,000
A marketing manager can aspire to a salary of $800,000

A marketing manager can aspire to a salary of $800,000

It also highlights that they must “have great leadership skillsboth for the management and development of own resources and those of third parties. In the case of multinational companies, they are strategic positions that have a lot contact with other countriesit’s included come to lead the region“.

They must also have a general and up-to-date knowledge of marketing practices, “which allows them to manage these resources both for soft areas of marketing, where it will be more important creativityas for the part hardwhere they should lead the processes of analysis, return on investment of the market and the product mix through its analysts”, he details.

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