what Cedears should not be missing in the portfolios during September

To learn more about this investment proposal, Scope.com Equity specialists were contacted who weigh the qualities of these instruments, and recommend certain companies -consistent with the particular risk profile of each saver-, which should not be missing from the portfolios at the beginning of the last quarter of the year.

IEB Suggestions

Ignatius Sniechowski manager of the Research department of the IEB Grouptold this medium that The biggest advantage that Cedears have is their easy access for anyone who is limited to buying instruments in dollars. However, he warned that resorting to this type of asset entails becoming related to two well-defined risks: variation of the exchange rate and of the underlying.

“As for the risk of exchange rate fluctuationIt is necessary to emphasize that it has been appreciating substantially in recent weeks, but we believe that we are already at reasonable levels. On the other hand, the stock or index price change to be purchased in financial worldpresents greater challenges. We believe we are at a turning point, where the market may define this latest low as a profit-taking situation (“Bear Market Rally”) or as an impulse (“Pull back”) to continue rising”, said the specialist.

“If an investor files a profile of more conservative riskwe recommend increase exposure in ETFs (instruments that represent indices), since these, in addition to being more liquidsdo not depend on the movement of an individual action but reflect market behavior”, advised Sniechowski. In this way, the variation in the index’s prices is distributed among all the shares that weight it. In addition, “Within the universe of ETFs, those that should not be missing in a Cedear portfolio, we highlight the SPY (replicas of the S&P 500) or on the DAY (mirror of the Dow Jones),” said the economist.

Also, for those who are comfortable with not-so-volatile stocks, “buying those ‘defensive’ companies What Coke or the bottom of Warren Buffet of BerkshireHathaway, which have fundamental solids”expanded from IEB.

Finally, the most aggressivecould choose other higher-risk securities that have a high return potential as a counterpart. The specialist suggested, among these, the ETF known as QQQ (replies to the Nasdaq or the technology sector) or the XLE (which is mainly made up of companies from the energy sector).

IPP Proposals

For its part, Diego Mendezanalyst of PPI, stressed that Cedears are immensely valuable as they represent a foreign alternative to invest from Argentina in less risky assets than local ones.

Specific, From PPI they have two recommended international portfolios according to the risk profile of the investor.

The first of them, for a more conservative profilecontemplate companies included in a portfolio “Tall dividends”. That is, they have as a common denominator consolidated companies, which lack high price volatility and distribute large dividends. They can stand out among them, Coke (leader in the consumer sector), walmart (leader in retail sales), Pfizer (leader in the pharmaceutical sector), Exxon (leader in the energy sector), Johnson and Johnson (leader in the consumer sector), Procter & Gamble (leader in the consumer sector) and Verizon (leader in the communications sector).

On the other hand, they present a recommended portfolio for more aggressive profilescomposed entirely of ETF Cedars. It is made up of the TO SPYthe QQQthe XLEthe EWZ (includes Brazilian companies) and the Four. Five (gathers companies from the financial sector). In this way, the investor gains greater exposure to technology companies, which have grown tremendously in recent years, and to emerging markets.

Recommendations from Criteria

Since Criteriaargued that these could be considered as the Most attractive cedars to take advantage of at this time, which are characterized by present the greatest growth potential in the medium term.

highlighted Visa, Since the prospects within a close time horizon coincide with an increase in the level of tourism, what would bring higher amounts of global transactions and consequently a huge stream of future income. However, they acknowledge that “Fintech competition remains fierce”situation that would limit its growth.

From the energy sectoradvised to take a position exxonmobile because the company has intend to repurchase up to $30 billion of its shares through 2023. This would take place, taking advantage of its strong capacity to generate free cash flow in the current environment. And if so, the market value of this paper could increase.

Inside of the entertainment industry, the analysts of Criteria suggested to Disneywhich occupies a privileged place because the forecasts of subscriber growth in streaming services grows by leaps and bounds. And they find it vital, to finish the post-pandemic recovery, that their theme parks and tourist complexes finish opening, they pointed out from Criteria.

For his part, from the energy Industry, but more linked to the renewable type, the specialists considered that Chevron would be an excellent choice for its ongoing sustainable operations that would promote the acquisition of Renewable Energy Group for the second half of 2022. And fundamentally, they argued to include it in any portfolio, because this firm is highly valued for being able to function independently of the Russian energy sector.

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