What El Noba’s family said about the video in which a voice is heard in the singer’s grave

In the last hours, a video that made a youtuber that runs through cemeteries. In this case, he visited the grave of The Noba in Florence Varela. Followers claim that In the recording you can hear a message from the singer: “Open.”

In the last hours, Martina Segovia and vanessa arandasinger’s sister and motherThey were angry about everything that had happened. Both rated the post as “a total lack of respect”.

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The niche where El Noba rests. (Photo: Youtube capture)

The release of Martina, El Noba’s sister

“The only thing I am going to say about the video that is circulating is that it is a total lack of respect. Stop consuming those kinds of things that do not contribute anything. Clearly ‘the voice’ that is heard is not my brother’s“, wrote Martina Segovia on his Instagram.

And it was dispatched with a message to Egui Sosathe youtuber who filmed the sequence: “It’s a jerk… in order to have a couple of pleasures does that kind of thing disrespecting the family.

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“I’m not going to say anything else on the subject. The pelotu… are like ants, they are everywhere. To the gilada no place ”, closed Martina.

El Noba's sister made a statement after the viral video (Photos: Instagram / martuu_sg)
El Noba’s sister made a statement after the viral video (Photos: Instagram / martuu_sg)

The word of Vanesa Aranda, the mother of El Noba

In dialogue with miter live, vanessa aranda He talked about how he felt after the viral video: “There are things that show without asking permission and without compassionlike the video that a kid made on YouTube and he didn’t ask my permissionI had to look for this boy and explained to him what was happening. For me not applicable, out of respect for me and a 6 year old girl”.

For not being bad, I did not close my son’s niche and you see behind the glass. Supposedly, they say that my son’s voice is heard and it is not, I did not give him permission to film that, it is a lack of respect for your daughter and for all your family, he told me it was a state cemetery, but it’s my son”, he stated angrily.

Vanesa Aranda and El Noba.  (Photo: courtesy Vanesa Aranda)
Vanesa Aranda and El Noba. (Photo: courtesy Vanesa Aranda)

As he told VanessaHe called the youtuber to ask for explanations and he pointed out that it was a tribute. “What I want you to understand is that for me it’s not El Noba, for me it’s my son, it’s Lautaro, and I explained it well, he has to understand, he told me that they threatened him, but I don’t know that, I have nothing to do with it; I spoke to him as a mother”, he indicated.

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