What hotels invent to keep you fit on vacation


Most hotels today have a gym, but a new generation of accommodation is going much further in its quest to follow trends.

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Your customers are demanding more. They want the gym open 24 hours, personal trainersand waters, juices and teas always at hand. They, the hotels are ready for anything. Yoga retreats, high-intensity workouts, the latest technology and an eye on social media to see what’s trending and going viral.

How else to explain the fashion of the animal flow. Based on the movements of different animals such as the crab, the monkey or the scorpion, this discipline uses the body’s own weight, together with movements adapted to the ground that are used in yoga or capoeira, to tone the body and gain flexibility.

The animal flow it can be practiced at the W Ibiza by the pool and the activity is open to both guests and visitors. Also at the Fuerte Conil-Resort hotel, located on the Cadiz coast. According to the person in charge of Animation at this Caribbean-style hotel, Roco Carrillo, “depending on the physical condition of the participants, we choose easier or more difficult postures, and we integrate or not actions such as forward and backward movements, transitions, or the famous flowing“.

Animal poses by the pool.
Animal poses by the pool.

For those who are not sure about emulating Elsa Pataky or do not feel capable, the Barcel Marbella offers something different: exercise without getting out of bed (in the literal sense). To do this, he has created, together with Paula Butragueo (known on networks as @pau_inspirafit), a method that consists of the practice of low-impact exercises with which to work different parts of the body. from the comfort of the mattress.

The routine, which takes 30 minutes and focuses on stretching the back, abdomen and legs, can be followed on the screen in the room through a video divided into three blocks of 10 minutes each.

The incorporation of the talent of a personal trainer is the strategy followed by several urban luxury hotels such as Bless Madrid, which collaborates with the well-known sports coach captain emo to organize sessions in the Retiro Park, and with the Mexican Ana Jimena, founder of the comprehensive wellness method nasr that combines exercise and food.

The courts of the Bah
The courts of the Baha del Duque.

Other luxury accommodation bet on the sport of a lifetime. The Baha del Duque and Las Villas, in Tenerife, with an enviable climate throughout the year, hides among its tropical gardens with tennis courts where some of the the best tennis players in the world of the ATP World Tour. In fact, it is preparing to receive the stars of the Tenerife Ladies Open at the end of 2022, a WTA 250 tournament organized by MEF Tennis Events. Baha del Duque also offers lessons, clinics and programs for the most popular racket sport in Spain, paddle tennis.

Another priest from the Spanish hotel business, La Bobadilla, makes use of ancient practices such as Qi Gong or Chi Kung. Coming from traditional Chinese medicine, it is based on a slow movement of the body coordinated with breathing and a high degree of concentration. It is part of a nature retreat that includes activities such as Nordic walking or walking with poles, which tones the body and reduces stress.

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