what is it and in what countries does it serve as if it were a passport

(CNN Spanish) — The digital identity card of Colombia will serve as a travel document to enter eight countries in South America in which you will no longer have to present a passport if you have this document, informed the National Registry.

You can use the digital card to enter the member and associated countries of the Andean Community: Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

“This new identity document meets high international standards, including that of the International Civil Aviation Organization, and contains all the data and all the characteristics required by this organization,” explained Didier Chilito, national identification director, in a video disseminated on the social networks of the registry.

Previously, the registrar Alexander Vega had explained that it complied with the organization’s standards because it has a machine-readable code that allows verification, as happens with passports, avoiding the possibility of forgery or impersonation.

The digital ID, he said then, has placed Colombia as one of the most advanced countries in the Organization for Cooperation and Development in terms of digitization.

What is the digital card?

The digital ID is an identification document created with the aim that citizens can “access services in a fast, agile and reliable way” while maintaining the security of their data, explains the Registry on its website.

At this time it does not replace the traditional identity card, but whoever wants to process it voluntarily can request it and it is considered a duplicate (although it is not an exact copy since the data is collected again for the new document).

The digital ID, which you can carry on your smartphone, can only be accessed through a facial recognition system, making it “unforgeable and unalterable,” according to the authorities.

It also works as an “access key” to the citizen folder, a space in the cloud in which each person can have the documents that are usually requested in different procedures with the State such as the driver’s license and the civil registry, among others. .

To obtain the ID, you must schedule an appointment in person at one of the offices of the Civil Registry where the procedure can be carried out. You can do it through this link.

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