What is the life of Marcelo Marcote, the TV prodigy

Like a true children’s story, once upon a time a preschool age child that was pointed out by the lens of a photographer, who focused on his expression: cheerful smile, lush bangs and many freckles. His name from him? Marcelo Marcote.

This was noted when he was admitted to an agency, before the first advertisements arrived. The big step that made him the tv wunderkind: his appearance in Rolando Rivas, taxi driverone of the most popular soap operas in the history of Argentine television.

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This precocious star displayed a sympathy that went deep into viewers, who between 1972 and 1973 They screwed in front of their televisions every Tuesday at 10 p.m. with the channel selector nailed to 13. The mothers and grandmothers were dying of tenderness for those freckles and looked at the children of their homes as possible Marcelo Marcote.

But the boy with the bangs and freckles entered adolescence and single-handedly put an end to the children’s story.

Marcelo Marcote: medical books replaced those on TV

Fate had smiled on him. Marcelo Marcote Like few boys his age. Fame, success and, above all things, future in advertising, film and television. Although her freckles faded and his hair changed, the affection of the viewers remained intact.

With the years, being a doctor was more than an idea and became his true vocation. At the age of 18 he began to study medicine, a career from which he graduated 12 years later specialized in pediatrics and pulmonology.

From child prodigy to children’s doctor: Marcelo Marcote studied medicine and dedicated himself to pediatrics (Photo: Clarín).

He was already collaborating, when he was still a student, at the Hospital Presidente Perón de Avellaneda, where his aunt was a nurse and helped him enter as an “extractionist”. Shortly after, he took the hemotherapy course with the certainty that his history with medicine would have no turning back.

“When I saw the work of the hospital I said: ‘This is my place,'” he told in an interview with Clarion long time ago He has been working there for 36 years and in January 2020 he was appointed associate director of the hospital. In December he will be 56 years old.

Marcelo Marcote, a child influencer without social networks

With her bangs, her freckles and her sympathy, Marcelo Marcote He had the effectiveness of the best man of influence of these times. From graphic and television advertisements, he sold cookies, dulce de leche, vans, magazines. However, on TV, still in black and white, she offered something else: the sweetness of a child who was loved by the multitudes.

the character of Quique, in Rolando Rivas, taxi driver, allowed him not only to assert himself in the child role of a number 1, but even took him to the party of the Martin Fierroin 1973, when he was given the award as revelation actor.

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He rubbed shoulders with the great figures of the artistic environment: he was a “Migré boy”, because the famous librettist Alberto Migrathe creator of Roland Rivas, he always had it in mind for children’s characters. “I worked with people I admire to this day, but when he was a boy he was not aware of who he was working with”, he reflected already in his role as “exactor”.

Marcelo Marcote and Luis Sandrini (Photo: Clarin).
Marcelo Marcote and Luis Sandrini (Photo: Clarin).

Among his companions, and why not protectors, there were icons of cinema, theater and TV national, such as Luis Sandrini, Susana Campos, Soledad Silveyra, China Zorrilla, Claudio García Satur and Nora Cárpena, among many more. “It was a huge privilege,” she defined, without looking back more than necessary. That children’s story has been finished for a long time.

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