What is the stock that is up more than 510% in just eight months?

The stock market usually gives pleasant surprises and one of them is a company that throughout the year offers a profit well above the rest

By Ruben Ramallo

09/01/2022 – 2:31 p.m.

At the end of the first eight months of the year there is a large group of companies that record more than striking results. If both panels are taken into account, that is, the well-known S&P Merval and the one of non-leading companieshighlights the fact that of the ten that show the greatest go upseven enroll in the second of them and obviously the rest in the so-called leader. Undoubtedly, the big winner in this period is the capex oil companysince it shows a rise from 510%therefore, it greatly exceeds the rest of the actions.

Much lower down is the classic Cellulose, which advances 356 percent. In third place is Molinos Agro, which in this period has risen 185 percent. In this way, the podium for these months is concentrated in three companies that are listed on the General Panel.

The first company in the Merval is Comercial del Plata, with a 158% increase, which is why it is positioned just above Autopistas del Sol, another company in the General Panel.

One step below was Grupo Valores (145%) and then four other companies with returns of between 117 and 120 percent are in the column.

A large part of these rises is due to the excellent performance shown by the market last month, since according to the latest report from Tavelli y Cía “Aug-22 continued with the upward trend of the previous month, highlighting the jump of YPF, which climbed approximately 50% in the month”.

Regarding the opening by sectors, the one related to Gas showed another strong rebound, with several exponents in the top ten, such as sos Camuzzi, Metrogas, Gasban or TGN, thanks to the new rate charts presented by the government.

At the end of the first eight months of the year there is a group of companies that register more than striking results

Rise in shares: bets on the energy sector

For its part, from Rava Bursátil they maintain that “the great protagonist of variable income was YPF”.

According to Ayelén Romero, “the Argentine energy company drew all the attention of investors after showing its solidity during this year. After a dazzling balance, it announced a 10% increase in its investments and an improvement in the company, both in relation to Vaca Muerta as well as lithium, a key factor for the Government in the next meetings with the IMF”.

In this way, YPF achieved a monthly increase of more than 50% in both its place in dollars and in pesos, standing out on a large scale above the rest.

Going back to the accumulated annual value of the market, clearly all these companies achieved returns in these eight months well above the general average of the market, which is around 65%, of the dollar that is taken as a reference, which is the cash with liquidation (43 %) and consumer prices, which is estimated at 56 percent.

As far as the evolution of the different sectors that make up the market is concerned, the one with the highest rise is in “Energy” with 111%followed by “Industry and Capital Goods”, with 103% and “Energy and public services”, with 101%.

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