What number will Pablo Solari wear?

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The 21-year-old winger signed his contract and was officially presented via social media in club gear. In the images, the number that he will use on his shirt was leaked.

Pablo Solari and his first images with the Sacred Mantle.
© river pressPablo Solari and his first images with the Sacred Mantle.

The fourth reinforcement is already at home. After several twists and turns, finally Pablo Solari became the fourth reinforcement of the Greatest. On Saturday morning the medical check-up was carried out and in the afternoon he signed his contract and met his new teammates and the coaching staff, who trained and concentrated at the Monumental. A day later, he was with the group in Liniers and experienced equality against Vélez from a box. Only the official presentation was missing.

This Monday the Núñez club released the first images of the former Colo Colo as a new River player. The peculiarity in this case is that the brand new reinforcement of the Millionaire went through the clothing store that is located inside the Museum and took some clothes for him and his relatives, all fans of the Greatest. And when it came to signing, Pablo Solari did not hesitate and put on the black sweatshirt with the red band that the delegation usually uses on each trip or concentration.

The image of the signing of the contract was not the only photo that the club published on its social networks. In addition, there is a video in which Solari appears in Ángel Labruna’s locker room with his shirt on and there you can see the numbering that he will use on his back. The number that the 21-year-old winger will wear is number 16, which has been unused since River loaned Alex Vigo to Independiente. It was previously used by Ariel Rojas, Nicolás Bertolo, Exequiel Palacios, Jorge Moreira, Kevin Sibille and Enzo Fernández.

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