What should you take in the car if you travel with children this summer to forget about: “How long until we get there?”

Holidays are the time when many of us take the opportunity to take family trips and enjoy moments together. We choose a place mountainon the beach or a new city to discover and we plan what to do, what to see or what to eat. But, until we reach our vacation destination, we may have several hours of car travel that can take forever if children get bored, dizzy or desperate thinking about everything that still lies ahead.

We have already arrived? When do we stop? A lot is missing? This refrain ends up torturing all the occupants of the vehicle, especially the driver. That is why we must go ahead and seek resources to entertain the little ones during the journey. And it is that to travel with children we need much more than a good car seat adapted to their age, technology can help us, that’s why drawing tablets or a movie are the choice of many parents. But in Shopping in Heraldo We’ve highlighted three solutions that can make your journey smoother this summer and that you’ll be grateful to have in your car.

A rear-view mirror for rear-facing chairs

Most child restraint systems are rear-facing in the rear seats of the car. They are the safest, but we cannot see our son if we are in the front seats. The solution is easy and practical: a mirror so we can keep an eye on our son from the rearview mirror. The most valued is from the Onco brand and has more than 14,000 opinions positive from Amazon users.

This device has more than 14,000 opinions on Amazon.

Two in one: folding table and organizer

Is folding table is a good ally for road trips. It adapts to fit over their legs so that little ones can play with their dolls, draw, eat or watch the tablet. This model is fixed with a strap and has mesh pockets to store your utensils. In addition, it is possible to turn it into an organizer for the seat and includes paper and erasable markers for drawing. That is why it is not surprising that Amazon highlights it for its value for money.

It becomes an organizer and is an Amazon's Choice for its value for money.
It becomes an organizer and is an Amazon’s Choice for its value for money.

Headrest for a long and peaceful sleep

As children grow, child restraint systems change and seats give way to boosters. The little ones, who until now slept throughout the trip, begin to waking up because their heads are bobbing and end in difficult postures which can cause neck injuries. At Heraldo Shopping we bet on the cervical pillows as a solution to avoid these problems, or place a adjustable headrest with memory foam and that it is compatible with many types of backups, like this model.

This model is made of memory foam.
This model is made of memory foam.

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