What Tini Stoessel said when they asked her again if she is in love with Rodrigo de Paul

Days ago Tini Stoessel she hesitated when asked if she is in love with Rodrigo DePaul and his reply went viral. After the controversy, the singer gave a note and when asked about her feelings for her with the soccer player, she launched: “For the peace of all people, I’m in love.”

Recently arrived in Ecuador where she will give a show, the singer spoke with the cell phone of From mouth to mouth. “I love that you are, in every way, at a very favorable moment because we are very happy to know that you are in love,” the journalist told him mischievously.

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Following the game, the interpreter of “La Triple T” stated: “I am in love. How they rested me with that answer. Yes, I’m fine.” Immediately afterwards, he pointed out that for her it had not been so serious and finished off: “And yes, I’m in love for the peace of all people and I’m happy”.

in the place was Alexander Stoessel who, out of sheer complicity, celebrated her daughter’s sentimental present. “I am happy when she is happy. And now that I see her in love, more”, he launched amused.

The question that sparked Tini’s controversial answer about De Paul

Prior to the award ceremony the 24th edition of the Gardel AwardsLizardo Ponce interviewed Tini Stoessel and did not miss the opportunity to ask her about her romance with Rodrigo de Paul.

“We see you very well. You’re in love?”consulted the man of influence. “What a word!” She launched without expecting that question. Then she added ambiguously: “I am very well, very happy, enjoying myself. I love Rodrigo with all my heart.”.

Tini Stoessel faced criticism about her courtship:

After his elusive response, he argued: “I just came from Madrid, we spent a few days. (…) I have been working since I was very young and sometimes it is difficult to be able to combine the two things. I think I’m at a point where I really I’m trying hard to have time for myselflower the decibels and return to work with all your strength to give it your all”.

By way of conclusion, he stated: “I think that one thing also compensates for the other, so in that sense I am very happy. Rodri is the best, he is doing amazing in everything he does, so we get along really well”.

Tini Stoessel declared her love for Rodrigo De Paul after “ignoring” him publicly

The lack of forcefulness Tini Stoessel when answering if she was in love with Rodrigo dePaul It did not seem to bother the footballer, who expressed his love and pride on social networks. It was then that the artist vindicated herself and declared her feelings publicly.

De Paul's message to Tini Stoessel after the artist's controversial statement when asked if she was in love.
De Paul’s message to Tini Stoessel after the artist’s controversial statement when asked if she was in love.

The Atlético de Madrid and National Team footballer left a message for the artist who won the Gardel Award for “best pop song”. “YOU SHINE… congratulations my love 💞”wrote about a post from her.

Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo dePaul
Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo dePaul

In the same vein, and subtly answering the criticism received for her ambiguous statements, the singer replied: “Thanks my life. Love you”.

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