What to do if my AVE trip is delayed or cancelled: these are your rights

The train, like any means of transport, can be delayed or cancelled. These situations are more annoying, if possible, in summer. Well, thousands of people have been preparing for the holidays for a long time and these setbacks can spoil them completely.

If they suffer one of these adversities, users should know that they have a series of rights and can demand certain claims from the transport companies. These schemes are regulated by the Regulation (EU) No. 1371/2007 of the European Parliament, published in the Official Journal of the European Union (DOUE) on December 3, 2007 and applicable from December 3, 2009.

It establishes that when there is a delay in a railway line of more than 60 minutesthe user can demand the full refund of the ticket price or in the part of the trip that has not been completed and in the part already completed if this is not of any interest to the traveler.

In this case, in addition, the traveler has the right to be transferred to his initial point of departure at the first available opportunity.

The passenger is also given the option of continuing the journey by an alternative route as soon as possible or on a later date chosen by the affected party, as long as it is in comparable conditions to the initials. However, this choice does not imply that financial compensation cannot be demanded.

The European regulation adds that this amount must be paid within a maximum period of one month from the moment the claim is filed. However, the client you will not be entitled to receive it if you had been informed of the delay before purchasing the ticket.

For its part, Renfe, the main rail transport company for passengers and goods in Spain, offers its own compensation according to the time of delay in arrival and the type of train.

  • AVE – More than 15 minutes: 50% refund / More than 30 minutes: 100% refund

  • Alvia – More than 30 minutes: 50% refund / More than 60 minutes: 100% refund

  • Euromed – More than 30 minutes: 50% refund / More than 60 minutes: 100% refund

  • Avlo: More than 60 minutes: 50% refund / More than 90 minutes: 100% refund

  • Intercity (Long distance) – Equal to or greater than 60 minutes: 50% refund / Greater than 90 minutes: 100% refund

Companies must also inform travelers of train delays and suspensions as soon as they have that information.

  • If the delay lasts more than 60 minutes, free drinks and food must be provided in reasonable quantities while the wait is prolonged

  • In case one or more overnight stays are necessary, the company has to offer free accommodation, in addition to transport between the establishment and the station

  • If the train is blocked, the transport of those affected must be organized from that point to the departure, alternative or destination station

  • Create alternative forms of transport when the continuation of the journey cannot be carried out

Although the preferred means of travel is still the plane, the train is gaining more and more followers due to its many advantages. Currently, there are ten high-speed lines in Spain, connecting cities in Andalusia, Aragon, Catalonia, the Valencian Community and Galicia, according to Renfe.

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