What to invest $100,000 in today?

What to invest $100,000 in today

Balanz Suggestions

Nicholas Lo ValvoSenior Investment Ideas Analyst at Balanceargued that in the context of high prevailing local uncertainty, it is recommended position directly in dollarsor in instruments that provide coverage against the depreciation of the peso.

Within the fixed income universe, one of the best options is to buy corporate bonds in dollars. The most attractive thing about these instruments is that one can acquire them both in pesos and in dollars and the future flow is charged in dollars”, assured the specialist.

In other words, both the payment of interest and the return of principal are made in US currency. And specifically, within this segment he weighted the telecommunications bond 2025, what yield around the 10%is issued under New York Law plus It has a return of the capital in 3 annual installments in equal parts starting next year; that is, there is no need to wait for the full refund until it is due.

However, the most profitable option for the analyst in order to avoid the devaluation risk are the Cedears (Argentine Deposit Certificates), assets representing shares of companies listed abroad. Within these instruments, the companies that distribute dividends stand out.since they are usually stable and they have a sustained growth.

“These companies have the advantage of showing greater predictability and less volatility in difficult times for the market”points out. At Balanz, they offer their clients a pack that includes cedars of Coke (25%), P&G (23%), Exxon (29%) and Altria Group (22%) – it is one of the largest US transnational companies, it mainly markets food, beverages and tobacco.

Proposals from UADE

From the FinLab UADE, Flavio Castro, its coordinator argued that for a conservative to moderate risk profileand with a medium term horizonthey can be interesting Common Investment Funds (FCI) that incorporate assets that follow the evolution of the official dollar (pegged dollar) and that adjusted for inflation (CER), which will allow the saver to take cover against price instability and against a greater expectation of devaluation, always maintaining a highly diversified portfolio through FCIs.

“For this type of savers, the objective is to cover themselves from these two main risks while conserving the invested capital, in the face of the arrival of a new economic team that is just beginning to announce and outline economic policy objectives that, although they seem to be going in the right direction, time will need to pass before the results of their implementation and the political support they achieve are seen,” said the specialist.

In addition, he stressed that “One of the most relevant local economic challenges lies in overcoming the weakness of the Central Bank’s international reserves, which puts pressure on a correction in the official exchange rate, increasing devaluation expectations. This is added to a context of high inflation expectations, product of inflationary inertia due to the lack of nominal and fiscal anchors”.

They also look attractive for said profile and investment horizon, corporate bonds in dollars, affirmed from WAIT. In case they have a minimum entry amount that exceeds the retailer, these can be accessed instruments via corporate debt FCIs. “These assets allow diversification by type of instrument: linked dollar, hard dollar, CER, and maintain certain liquidity for a better active management of the portfolio that benefits the retail saver,” he said. Castro.

From the first financial laboratory in Argentina, they state that the main objective of this portfolio would be to maintain the liquidity of investments and to be covered in the medium term from the inflationary escalation within a possible devaluation event. In this way the portfolio would be made up of Short-term Fixed Income FCI + FCI CER (40%), FCI dollar linked (twenty%) Y FCI ON Corporate (40%).

Enviu Alternatives

For his part, from the research team of Sendfor a moderate risk profile suggest taking a stand on the Treasury Letter LECER October (X21O2) given its expiration prior to the end of the year. “We also consider Galileo Argentina Fund attractive for this profile of savers due to its composition in instruments pegged to the dollar, without sovereign risk and concentrated in private debt”, said the specialists.

Regarding equities, theInviu Analysts suggest the cedars of walmartwhose actions allow “a low correlation play with the market, and they have the advantage of being combined with a solid business”they affirmed.

Another asset to include in the portfolio, according to Sendcould be those of Berkshire Hathawayof warren buffett, “company with solid fundamentals”. Within the local actions, they pointed out that one of the companies that should be taken into account is Southern Gas Carrierwhich “offers the benefit of being positioned within the energy sectorvery attractive as long as the upward trend of these commodities”.

And inside the financial segmentin Sendindicate that the BBVA Bank could be chosen by belong to the sector with the strongest fundamentals presents. Finally, we add the cousin galileo which is a fund whose objective is to capture the variation in the peso-dollar exchange rate through corporate fixed income instruments in dollars”, they concluded from Send.

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