when will it come into force and how much will it cost

Step by step what it consists of and when it will be implemented. The details.

It has been announced for a long timeBut between the natural complications of establishing new migration tools and the difficulties brought by the pandemic, the ETIAS is still waiting to be implemented.

“ETIAS will be a system simple, fast and friendly for visitors”, they assure from the official website of the European Union and point out that it is expected that more than 95% of requests get a positive response in a few minutes.

“An ETIAS travel authorization does not reintroduce visa-like obligations. There is no need to go to a consulate to make an application, there is no biometric data and less information is collected than during a visa application procedure.

At Ezeiza airport. Photo illustration Shutterstock.

What is important to make clear is that the system not yet entered into force.

let’s see then What is it about this authorization that, once it comes into force, must be processed by travelers from more than 60 countries, including those with an Argentine passport.

What is the ETIAS

The ETIAS program (European Travel Information and Authorization System) was proposed in 2016 in the European Union with the aim of increasing security at the borders of the Schengen area.

It is a permission obtained before the tripby way of online and it is cheaper than a visa.

Argentines with dual citizenship, who usually travel to the United States with a European passport, know what it is about since in this case they must process the ESTA, which has a similar operation.

Movement at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport.  Photo EFE/ Fernando Villar

Movement at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport. Photo EFE/ Fernando Villar

Which countries ask for the ETIAS to enter

All countries in the Schengen area, such as Spain, France or Germany, as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

Also included are Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City.

Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania are added, which are in the process of joining the Schengen area.

Who should apply for the ETIAS permit to travel to Europe

Applies to travelers from more than 60 countries who currently do not need a visa to enter Europe. Among them, travelers with an Argentine passport.

Argentine passengers, among those who must process ETIAS.  Photo Shutterstock.

Argentine passengers, among those who must process ETIAS. Photo Shutterstock.

How does the ETIAS work?

The passenger must complete a form online ETIAS application. The system will perform border and security checks. If everything is in order, a travel authorization is issued.

The process may take a few minutes.

When is it processed?

This authorization must be processed before starting the trip and it will be mandatory condition for entry to any of the Schengen countries.

Obtaining the permit will be verified, along with the rest of the travel documents.

How long does the process take to obtain the ETIAS?

Completing the online application will take no more than 10 minutes. It does not require any special documentation, beyond a travel document (passport).

What about minors or disabled

In case of inability to apply due to issues such as age, level of literacy, access and competence in information technology, etc., a third person can carry out the process.

How much does the ETIAS travel permit cost?

The currently proposed value is 7 euros for each request.

How the ETIAS permit is paid

payment will be electronic.

The procedure is done online.  Photo Shutterstock

The procedure is done online. Photo Shutterstock

How do I know if permission was obtained?

Applicants will receive a reply by email with a valid travel authorization or justification for the denial.

How long does the ETIAS last?

The travel authorization will have a validity of three yearsor until the expiration date of the travel document

when will it start working

The system is expected to become operational in November 2023.

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