Who are “Tirri” La Roca and Brisa La Roca, the protagonists of the attack on a fan in a cumbia show | Chronicle

Tirri the Rock is a singer and producer of the so-called “cumbia 420” and together with his partner Brisa they quickly became leading artists of this musical genre. However, they were involved in a brutal fight with some fans outside a bowling alley in Uruguay.

The artist from the Buenos Aires town of Laferrere He reached his fame within urban music during 2021, when he put several songs that became a success with millions of reproductions on different platforms.

Meanwhile, your partner Breeze The Rock joined the artistic collaboration that premiered in April of this year and now they give presentations together.

With the theme “The front”, recorded in the streets of The slaughterThe singers already have more than 47 million views on YouTube.

In the same way, Tirri the Rock got into the scene with special appearances alongside other artists from the cumbia 420. Among them are DJ Alex, Ecko, Omar Varela, Al Records, Perro Primo, and several more.

Tirri La Roca and Brisa La Roca in Uruguay, before the controversial fight with a fan.

We can also mention that he has more than 750 thousand monthly listeners on his Spotify channel. And some songs that have millions of reproductions like “Get prepared” which reaches almost 8 million.

On the other hand, in the exclusive interview that Brisa La Roca gave to ChronicleHDThe young woman said that in addition to the presentations in bowling alleys and events, she works during the week and has her clothing store in the Buenos Aires city of ChivilcoyWhere did you say you currently live?

As the young man showed on his Instagram account, they were married in February of this year. They are now expecting a baby, after suffering a pregnancy loss last summer.

Tirri The Rock and Brisa The Rock.

Tirri The Rock and Brisa The Rock.

The controversial fight in Uruguay

As was well reported, the couple of Argentine artists starred in a violent episode with some young women at the exit of a show in Uruguay. The images of Tirri the Rock kicking a girl who was lying on the floor quickly went viral.

The singer reported that they asked her to take photos with her and since she refused, they began to attack her.

The c… of your mother, why do you come if you are not going to take pictures”, He assured that they shouted at him at six in the morning. “Everyone watched the video of that part and didn’t see the beginning.”pointed to ChronicleHD.

Tirri The Rock and Brisa The Rock.

Tirri The Rock and Brisa The Rock.

“There is a video where you can see that two people grab me and hit me”Brisa alerted about the moment that unleashed her anger and that of her partner against the young women. In addition, she remarked that she is pregnant for three months and that it is “risky”.

On the other hand, the Tirri also published a disclaimer where he pointed out that several people hit his partner in the belly and that is why he had a violent reaction: “There is a life at risk”.

In addition to apologizing to the young woman who ended up hospitalized and who made a formal complaint in the neighboring country, the singer reiterated: “It’s wrong, I admit it’s wrong. Put yourself in my place. I defended my lady”.

We apologize to the girl. She has to understand that this was not the way to ask for photos”, added Brisa in disclaimer.

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