who is Ana Paula, the jury who came from Ecuador and is the favorite of L-Ghent

In addition to the life stories of its participants, Sing With Me Now also has a jury of 100 members very varied whose anecdotes are not far behind, like that of Ana Paula Pérez.

this young defines herself as “Argentine-Ecuadorian” since her parents, two Argentine artists, emigrated to that country where she was born 26 years ago. “I always come to Argentina for work,” she says, although she confessed to Ciudad that the covid pandemic complicated her.

Before the pandemic I was coming and going for almost four years, but in March 2020 I returned to Ecuador at the request of my mother. In March of this year I returned to Argentina to film and now I am living here”, explained Ana Paula.


While stopping in Buenos Aires for work, Ana Paula received the news in March that the production of Canta Conmigo Ahora was casting juriesand there he contacted the producer Sebastián Mellino, with whom he had worked on the Neflix series Go! He lives your way.

I worked a lot with Sebastián here and in Miami, I went to his academy and from there the link was”, explained Ana Paula, who recalled how bad it was in Ecuador during the pandemic. “I was locked up in my house with my family, and it was nice because I was able to meet my parents again,” she said.

Nevertheless, Ana Paula recalled that in those times there was a lot of consternation around Ecuador due to the large number of deaths from covid, although he noted that the media “said many things that were true, but also many that were not.”

“If I had stayed here locked up alone, and I wouldn’t have been able to go anywhere”he added.


“In Ecuador I did many series and comedies, but I became known for my role as Martina in Go! She Lives Your Way, from Netflixwhich was the first original bet of that platform to compete with Disney”, said the artist.

“I came to Argentina to do the casting for Go!. I was all trembling because I had been betting that this casting would pass yes or yes. We had a pre-casting that was to sing and dance, but after that everything lasted for three months. The material went to Mexico and from there they said who was next”, he recalled.

In addition to her acting career, Ana Paula also has a reputation as a singer, with various themes released at different times that have their corresponding video clips, all of them characterized by their urban rhythm.

As for the musical, I have paused because I kept the pike after the pandemic because I dedicated myself to acting. Since Go! had happened, and a series I did in Ecuador during the pandemic, it’s like I was given to investigate more in the world of acting, “he explained.

“Many people have come to me to say ‘when do we bring up another topic?’, and the truth is that I owe it to myself and to those who listen to me, and logically it would be wonderful to be able to enter the Argentine marketnot so much as an actress but more as a singer”, expressed Ana.


When defining whether she feels identified with the urban genre, Ana Paula acknowledged that it is risky to bring up topics along these lines in a market with so many exponents of that style.. “I love pop, reggae, techno, everything, but I like urban because it allows me to bring out a facet that people don’t know about,” he explained.

It has an energy that invites you to dance, to shake your head”, Ana Paula pointed out. Likewise, the young woman said that she has plans to launch a new theme and that she would like to take advantage of the “great window” that is Marcelo Tinelli’s cycle.

In addition, the singer referred to her role in the contest and recognized that “it is getting better and better”. “I tell you as a spectator and as a jury: it can’t be all there is to see, it’s wonderful”, he advanced, although he refused to give more details.

“It is an honor to be in that place, and I don’t want to imagine what it will be like when the competition between the finalists begins, because one is better than another,” he warned, while that pondered “the human quality” of the Bahiano, Fernando Hortal, and other colleagues.

And I thought that Cande Tinelli was completely different, but she is very tender and very cute”, he said, and was grateful for the opportunity to “be able to meet them from another side”. She also praised the “good vibes and energy” that L-Ghent has in the jury.

El Puma adds a very special touch to the program because in addition to being a very special person. The truth is that he always has something good to contribute with respect to how he saw the score, and that is always a class for us. It’s good to have it “, closed Ana Paula, who confessed that her heart “has an owner” and is Argentine.

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