Who is Anne Heche: from her courtship with Ellen Degeneres to believing herself to be sent by God

At noon on Friday, the Los Angeles Police received a particular call. After 11 in the morning, a car rammed an apartment complex and, while witnesses tried to get the driver out, she backed up at full speed and ran away from her. But, far from getting rid of the problem, the vehicle hit the garage of a house and caused a large-scale fire that “engulfed the house”. Although at first it was not known who was behind the wheel and the only information was that she was hospitalized, it later emerged that it was Anne Heche, an actress whose career was almost as strange as the accident that culminated in her hospitalization.

The news was reported by the American media TMZwho spoke with some of the witnesses of the strange event. Based on the information they were able to collect, Anne Heche was driving a blue Mini Cooper in the Mar Vista area of ​​Los Angeles when she crashed into a building.

The fierce clash of actress Anne Heche

As they tried to get her out, she sped up and backed up, only to collide again, this time into a house. Firefighters pulled her out of the vehicle, which was engulfed in flames, and she was taken directly to a hospital.. According to various local media, the 53-year-old actress suffered several burns and is intubated. At the moment, no official medical report has been published.

Anne Celestia Heche took her first steps as an actress when she was just twelve years old and dreamed of being able to help his family by getting a job as an artist. The opportunity came shortly after and she, already settled in New York, He became a familiar face on the small screen thanks to his participation in the soap opera Another world.

Anne Heche rose to fame as part of Another WorldFile, Archive

The nineties were, at one point, the best decade for Heche. After being part of the cast of several television productions, he achieved something that not many actors can: the big jump to the big screen. After several minor roles and already near the end of the century, his name began to appear in productions alongside acclaimed artists belonging to the elite Hollywood.

He gave life to the wife of Johnny Depp in donnie brascostarred in the natural disaster film Volcanowas part of the horror classic I know what they did last summeraction comedy six days, seven nights and he was even from the thriller return to paradisemewhere he worked side by side with Joaquin Phoenix and Vince Vaughn.

But her multiple awards weren’t the only thing that landed her on every magazine cover. In ’97 he got married to the acclaimed host Ellen Degeneres and they were one of the first lesbian couples to freely live their sexuality before the eyes of a society where homosexuality was almost a dirty word.

Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres dated for three years
Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres dated for three yearsshutter

In 2000, despite the fact that both had said that they wanted to marry when same-sex marriage was legalized, they separated in the middle of a strange episode. According to what was said years later, Heche left Degeneres without saying a word and, at the time, married a colleague of her ex, Coleman Laffoon. It was at that point that his nose-dive began, and not only did he stop working on the productions of yesteryear, but he traded billboards for strange headlines in the media.

She objected that her disappearance was a consequence of having been dating another woman, but many objected to this statement and claimed that it was because she was constantly involved in controversy. All her relationships – including both divorces – ended with rumors of infidelity on her part, and one of her exes even said that she had psychiatric problems, but that she refused to ask for help.

Anne Heche became one of the most controversial characters in Hollywood
Anne Heche became one of the most controversial characters in HollywoodReuters

In turn, on one occasion she went into the house of a stranger, took a bath and asked if she would lend her clothes and, when the police arrived, she explained that they had to help her because she was God’s messenger. Shortly after, she published her book call me crazy where he revealed that, after multiple abuses experienced in childhood, had created a parallel personality called “Celestia”, who was the daughter of God, sister of Jesus and who received information from outer space to make the world a better place.

The years of jumping from scandal to scandal helped her to remain in the mouth of the audience, but, on the other hand, they prevented her from being summoned again for the kinds of films that she knew how to star in the last century.

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