Who is Fernando Burlando’s first wife and what does she look like today

Ferdinand Mocking He is one of the most recognized lawyers both in entertainment and in Argentina, since he has handled very mediatic cases. In addition, he has had the occasional run-in with a famous figure, such as the last scandal that he starred in with Jorge Lanata.

Fernando and María Gabriela had two daughters: the oldest, who inherited a love for the law; The minor dedicated herself to the world of fashion.

However, the legal specialist is much better known for his love with Pampita’s model and close friend, Barby Franco, with whom he is expecting a daughter today. Even this relationship is so media that many have already forgotten the affair that Ferdinand Mocking He had a few years ago with Mariana Brey and his first wife, María Gabriela García Girotti.

About Mariana Brey and Ferdinand Mocking we will not talk, since we are aware that this story still arouses a bit of conflict in Barby Franco; but we will show you what the present is like for the mother of the lawyer’s two daughters, María and Delfina, who from time to time appear on the celebrity’s networks to impress with her bearing and style.

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