Who is Pía Shaw’s boyfriend and why doesn’t he show it

the little angel Pia Shawis in charge of revealing mysteries about the lives of others in JUSTICE, but, in a blacksmith’s house, a wooden knife, so she seeks to keep everything related to her privacy under lock and key. In this sense, little is known about her current partner. However, the truth is that she is very much in love and dreams of having children with him. So who is her boyfriend?

The confession was made in The Angels of the Morning. Is that the new “little angel” predicted that she was going to talk about a commitment. Faced with the unknown Angel of Brito He began to investigate to find out if it was her.

Despite attempts to Sink for hiding his private life, he ended up winning the driver. Although her novelty was not related to her (it was about Juana Viale), he ended up acknowledging that he has been in a relationship for a year and a half.

Marcelo Dubini Boyfriend of Pía Shaw.webp

“Yes girls, I’ve been in a relationship for a year and a half. He’s a photographer, he knows all of youknows everyone’s house. We don’t live together but we do spend many nights together. What’s more, last night I chartered it because I wanted to spend the night alone, but we are very well and happy, we have been there for a long time,” the journalist revealed, surprising everyone.

Yanina Latorre almost finished rejecting her, since she asked if it was a photographer from an important celebrity magazine. What Pia Shaw she was forced to confess that it was so.

In Having lunch with Mirtha LegrandHe also revealed details about his partner: “I don’t live together, each one at home. I did it with other exes at another time, but today I’m fine. I would love to meet him at some point. I’m in love”.

At that time, Juana Viale She did not hesitate to ask him about the possibility of becoming a mother, to which he replied: “I’d love too. Before I doubted it a little more and today I think the man has arrived”.

Marcelo Dubini Boyfriend Pia Shaw.webp

According to those who know her, she is the love of her life. This is how they describe the love and chemistry between Pia Shaw Y Marcelo Dubinina historical magazine photographer faces. As it turned out, it was a journalist friend of hers who introduced them and from there her love arose.

Finally, resigned to keeping something to herself, she recounted the details of the first meetings: “We met through a co-worker. I was with Andino and Diego Esteves, who was there, came one day and said ‘I have someone to introduce you’. I came alone a while ago. We went out a couple of times and then it happened. I fell in love”.

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