Why do people post vacation photos?

Doesn’t it happen to you that a friend, a family member (even yourself), who is not a great user of Instagram, and who very occasionally publishes something, on vacation suddenly becomes a photographer of the National Geographic?

And suddenly, right off the bat, he uploads photos or videos three or four times a day, of course accompanied by a report that includes even the smallest details (photos at the airport, on the plane, in a tuk tuk). It seems that on vacation the muses accompany us and provide us with inspiration to report on places, people, foods, with the respective recommendation such as “if you go to Alaska, Asturias or Kuala Lumpur, you can not stop going to this restaurant where they serve the best -any typical dish- in the world».

It seems that the fact of being 100 or 1,000 kilometers from your home makes everything suddenly acquire a special tone worthy of being narrated to humanity. And the travel reporter that each one carries within, flatters the customs of the region (when he normally criticizes his neighbor), photographs children (while he rants about them on the plane) and decides to try to talk to the locals anyway. (when he doesn’t even greet the doorman).

And why on vacation do we suddenly want to show everything? According to a report by the travel platform issuedone in four people -of all age ranges- decide your vacation spot based on the photos you saw on Instagram. In the specific case of the segment from 18 to 34 years old, three out of four decide their next destination based on the publications of influential people looking through labels.

As you read it, the largest tour operator in the world is called Instagram, which managed to turn the world into a tag. In fact, the hashtag travel has over 600 million photos. The theme is so powerful that each publication you upload with geolocation (which indicates the place where you are) has more visibility than one that does not.

This has led to highly labeled destinations, such as Angkor Wat (Cambodia), Blue Lagoon (Iceland), Santorini (Greece) and Everest (Nepal), becoming areas of mass tourism, which sadly has ended up impacting the destiny in factors as delicate as the environment.

Today, the influential people travel have as much weight in marketing, as those who are dedicated to fashion. They have become so famous because they have known how to professionalize their activity, making real film productions of the sites they are paid to go to, and that finally they are not as spectacular as they sell them. Reason why Instagram is full of coils (short videos) of the before and after of “supposedly paradisiacal” places that end up being something else.

Instagram has become the permanent display site for people who live an invented version of their reality, in which they always want to look more handsome, more famous, more glamorous, more perfect, etc. The influential people they are actors who sell a fiction of their own livesand worst of all, is that people assume that this staging is true, and end up dreaming of leading the same life.

But of course, unless you are Kim KardashianThe rest of us mortals have an absolutely normal life, in which we have to go by subway, take out the garbage, do the shopping, clean the house, work… In short, real life.

For those who have worked hard for a year, achieving that moment of glory on Instagram can be achieved through the holidays. That period in which we are full, fun, and ready to live to the fullest in a space of three weeks.

For this reason, people publish photos of their vacations (edited and with filters) trying to imitate the man of influence in turn, since at that precise moment they feel connected to that world that was denied them. The saddest thing is that many of these people are so influenced by the network that they think that nothing in their lives is worth publishing, and therefore vacations are the space to show the world, while they are convinced that their life has something interesting to post.

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