Why Hollywood Anime Adaptations Will Never Work

Over the years Hollywood has made several attempts to give different animated live-action treatment. We already saw him put his hand in franchises like Dragon Ball, Death Note Y cowboy bebop. All of them with quite disastrous results, which even ended the plans for their respective sequels.

Despite this, it seems that Hollywood remains committed to adapting this medium. Since we will soon have a series of One piece and a movie Saint Seiya. However, we believe that they are also destined to fail due to some reasons that we are going to mention here.

Going from an anime world to live-action can be very difficult

If we think about some of the most popular anime, we find that many take place in very fanciful settings. cowboy bebop takes place in a future full of space colonies and Dragon Ball in a Land with anthropomorphic animals and dinosaurs. Something that would undoubtedly cost a lot to bring to live-action.

While current technology allows studios to create huge fictional worlds, they haven’t fully committed to them.. This may be due to a fear of spending too much on something that may not be as profitable. Unfortunately this leads to decisions that do more harm to the product in question.

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The effects on Dragon Ball Evolution They didn’t do any justice to the amazing powers seen in the anime. While the world he inhabited Goku it was changed for a city with somewhat futuristic overtones, but without any trace of the green landscapes and strange creatures that we knew. Now let’s remember that many of the most popular Japanese animated series have very showy techniques or powers.

Netflix tried to respect the world of anime more with his adaptation of cowboy bebop. But even there the ships and space stations come to be seen with a low level of production. until Hollywood do not do what is necessary to capture the magic of these worlds, your attempts will not work.

Audiences are different

Now let’s go with another important aspect about these adaptations: the public. It is a fact that the works they want to adapt already have their good number of followers. Otherwise why would they want to adapt it? But it seems that they do not consider that these are enough to give them good income at the box office.

We say this because Hollywood you always take too many liberties with these intellectual properties. Although we partially understand them. While the loyal audience is already used to seeing characters shout different words before shooting a beam of light with their hands, not everyone will find it flashy.

This usually leads to a strange amalgamation. With elements borrowed from anime, but with things that scholars consider to be more in keeping with Western audiences. So we end up with a Death Note that leaves behind the game of cat and mouse to focus on a teenage love story.

The same could be said of cowboy bebop. The animated series is a gem with very good music, philosophical themes, good action and some doses of comedy.. But Hollywood considered that the way forward with his adaptation was a kind of Seinfeld space. With the addition of highly exaggerated action and a high level of obscenity that was not in the original play.

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Ideally, a balance will be found for productions. That the original idea be respected, but with some touches to interest a more public in what has already made the franchise iconic. It can even be played around a bit to catch older fans by surprise.

Hollywood seems more interested in using the name of the anime than making a faithful adaptation

To end. Surely you have heard that an adaptation only has the name in common with the original work. This often seems to be the case with Hollywood. Dragon Ball Evolution Y Death Note they have in common the names of the characters and some beats of their stories. But there the similarity ends.

This seems more related to brand power. The adaptations so far give the impression that Hollywood just wants to use the name, to create whatever they want.. After all they know that, despite the complaints, fans will end up giving it a look. Either to get angry or to see if they finally did justice to their favorite anime.

Rurouni Kenshin Tapes Prove That Anime Can Be Adapted Well
Source: Warner Bros.

Anime adaptations should be done with teams that truly know and appreciate the source material. That they see it with that fan love, that they appreciate it for what it is and that they keep in mind what makes them special. Otherwise, these projects will continue to fail over and over again.

It has already been shown that live-action anime can work. Take a look at the Japanese tapes of Rurouni Kenshin. But Hollywood he seems to be stuck in his way of doing things. With the growing popularity of anime and manga these days, hopefully you’ll see that You don’t have to deliver a watered-down version for people to fall in love with these stories.

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