Why is Brendan Fraser’s comeback so important to Hollywood?

Brendan Fraser was applauded in Venice for his participation in The Whale, the next film by Darren Aronofsky.

Hundreds of times we have heard the phrase “Hollywood failed its actors”. For although the great machinery of artists in the cinema is responsible for being a racing catalystit is also the people within the industry who are able to destroy jobs and lives with a single command.

Although the time of I also for the first time gave vote and support to the people who shared their stories, currently Hollywood continues to be one of the most gruesome spaces and complicated for artists and media workers.

20 years ago Brendan Fraser was one of the most important figures and Hollywood darlings, because roles in tapes like Jorge of the Jungle, Encino Man, and the trilogy of The Mummyhad placed him as one of the stars with the greatest potential and who would definitely become a movie icon. Thus, it had even been rumored that the actor would replace Christopher Reeve in the restart of Supermanin addition to proposing it as a new and friendlier Indiana Jones, whose charisma attracted the masses to the movies.

However, quickly Brendan Fraser was pulled out of the spotlight, and although he still had small roles in films and series, they were not as impressive as the productions that had given him recognition, until definitely left Hollywood.

In 2018, and giving rise to a gradual return, Brendan Fraser revealed the reasons that pushed him out of the industry, and more importantly, that they held him back as a person.

abuse in hollywood

Although there has been more open talk about sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood, It is not an issue that can be tackled so easily.especially when a person’s career hangs in the balance the most powerful hands in cinema. So normalized has it been that, even in 2022, more and more cases come to light with great caution, because the victims fear not generating the same impact as the movement I also succeeded, and see both his work and his reputation ruined.

Brendan Fraser is one of the actors who has unfortunately experienced such abuse firsthand; Well, during an interview with GQ in 2018, the actor finally shared the events that led him to leave acting.

According to Fraser, it all started in 2003, the year he was abused by Philip Berk, who was then president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the company in charge of carrying out the Golden Globes and to finance several of the projects in the industry. The actor rejected the behavior of the executive, and decided not to file charges against him; however it was after the incident that Fraser began to notice Berk’s powerful influence on the medium, where Fraser stopped being cast in major movies.

Subsequently, Fraser had to undergo several surgeries that kept him out of the middle, which had been mostly consequences of the stunts done while playing Rick O’Connell in The mummy returns. These problems led him to undergo partial knee replacement, lower back surgery, and vocal cord surgery.

As a result, from the experience of abuse and rejection by the acting community, Fraser fell into depressionwhich was complicated by the death of his mother and his separation from the actress Afton Smith.

At the beginning of the movement I also, accusations that exposed people like Harvey Weinstein and Joss Wheedon Brendan Fraser’s experience was an important event to highlight. Well, although other actors like Terry Crews, James Van Der Beek and Alex Winter they had talked about their own experiences, Fraser was the most vocal and self-identified as a survivor of sexual abuse.

The stigma surrounding abuse in Hollywood remains severe, especially when it comes to male victims, who choose not to speak out for fear of being humiliated. However, Brendan Fraser did not back down and stood firm both in his statement and in be an active supporter of the movementencouraging men in the industry to share their experience and not feel ashamed for having been through it.

brendan fraser

The return of Brendan Fraser to the cinema

After several years out of the business and taking incidental roles, brendan fraser returned to television through the project doom patrol of DC Universe. In the series, the actor played Cliff “Robotman Steele” a famous runner whose brain was implanted into a robot after an accident.

After his participation in the series, Fraser has found himself adding to more and more projects that they have put him back in the center of Hollywood, from where he was once alienated. Soon the actor will participate in a film of Martin Scorsese with Leonardo DiCapriotitled Moonflower Assassins; in addition to behind the curtain of the nighta fantasy project where a man comes back from the dead with all the memories of his past lives restored in his head.

It is currently in the Venice Film Festival presenting The whale, film of darren aronofskywhich is based on a severely obese man trying to reconnect with his daughter (Sadie Sink).

Over the weekend the film was shown for the first time to critics and jury members, and a video published by Variety reveals the 6-minute ovation for the film and applause for Brendan Fraserwho makes an effort not to break into tears and is grateful for receiving his work.

Beyond being his first big appearance before the audience, Brendan Fraser’s return is emotional given the rejection he suffered for his body, mental health, and his experience with sexual abuse, which forced him to disappear from the medium. While there is still a long and great fight against abuse in Hollywood, it is thanks to Brendan Fraser that there is a much more open conversation especially for male victims, so hopefully no one would go through the same experience again. than the actor.

The whale It will hit theaters later this year, while Fraser’s other appearances are currently in production.

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