why it is “the” time to invest in Ethereum

The world is waiting for a possible rise in prices. What is the Ethereum merger about? What cryptocurrencies can be benefited?

By iProfessional

08/27/2022 – 7:15 p.m.

It is known that in the cryptocurrency market some events can harm prices and others can cause prices to skyrocket. In case of Ethereal promises to generate a positive effect, although the risks always exist.

As Javier Lanusse, co-founder of DeCrypto.la explains in the program What We Do with Pesos (A24), “It is a time to pay very special attention to what may happen with the Ethereum network since next month, approximately on September 15, an event will occur that may change things. It will produce what is known as the fusionthe merging of the existing execution layer of Ethereum with a new consensus layer called Beacon Chain

“So,” he adds. the current transfer validation system is going to change. Today it is done through a process called proof of work, where miners contribute their computing power to validate transactions. As of the merger, validation will be provided through a proof-of-stake proof of participation. In other words, they are no longer going to provide more computing capacity, but what they are going to provide are invested values, that is, to participate in this validation system, those who want to do so will have to acquire Ethereum and block it.

The change may affect the price of Ethereal

This, somehow, “can reach directly affect the price, since there will be less currency and the emission, the prizes that were awarded to the miner for his proof of work, will decrease drastically.”

But the attempt may fail. “If Bitcoin is a social experiment, Ethereum is the experiment of the experiment. Ethereum mining is going to be obsolete. It is a good time to buy because it can be extremely healthy for the ecosystem. In addition, this also drastically reduces the energy consumption of the network by approximately 99%. But very interesting things can also happen because the technology is going to acquire some characteristics that the Bitcoin network already has that has to do with its deflationary characteristic.”

All this change in technology can impact some assets such as SAND, MANA and MATICS.”

Regarding these assets, Lanusse points out that both SAND and MANA are directly related to the metaverse and MATIC is linked to what is known as a parallel chain that is integrated into the Ethereum network.

“Vitálik Buterin said last week that it could be very interesting what happens with the parallel chains of the site chains, so I also have a special interest in looking at these three coins. There are many people who say that they have the feeling of being late and the truth is that we are in a super early adoption stage. It remains to be seen how all this evolves. It is very interesting to see that, regardless of this winter in which we find ourselves, networks continue to grow steadily; trust in them is great through the community and that it is having a growth in the level of adoption that has never been seen in history.”

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