Why they assured that Clara Chía, Gerard Piqué’s new girlfriend, is pregnant

Piqué’s new girlfriend keeps her social networks private (Photo: Instagram/@clara.chiamartii)

The sentimental, economic, family and media separation between Gerard Piqué Y Shakira It continues to be one of the topics of greatest interest in the international public that has high expectations for the singer’s reactions and the new romance that the soccer player is premiering and that apparently has no intention of hiding.

Proof of this, on Wednesday, August 24, a Spanish social magazine, Hello!published on its most recent cover new and scandalous images of the Spanish player who plays as a defender for FC Barcelona in the First Division and his current partner, Clara Chiaholding hands and feeling, a situation that has been interpreted as if they had “known a long time”, contrary to the little that has happened since the end of the marriage with The Queen of Latin Pop.

In them you can see her with a long and complete dress, without large necklines and with “very natural” makeup and hairstyle. Nevertheless, the way your belly looks has been the main reason for suspicions of a sudden pregnancy have already flooded the social networks of Latin countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Spain.

“The most anticipated photos of Gerard Piqué and his new girlfriend: for the first time with Clara Chía, at a wedding on the Costa Brava”, was the head of the social magazine Hello! He gave his exclusive cover photos that now receive a second interpretation, completely forgetting the fact that he begins to make his relationship public in the short term of starting a great legal battle with the interpreter of pop hits like Hips Don’t Lie, Bare Feet, White Dreams Y that you stay with mefor the custody of their children Sasha Y Milan.

In the most frequent comments, the followers of the media case have stated that the photos leaked from their social networks, which are now more than private, showed that Clara Chía she had a very toned and worked figureso an increase in your belly and the face much less profiled It does not agree with what has already been seen and known about her, after it was leaked that she was the player’s new partner.

The new photos of Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía after their separation from Shakira (Photos: Instagram/@3gerardpique/@shakira/@: @clara.chiamartii)
The new photos of Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía after their separation from Shakira (Photos: Instagram/@3gerardpique/@shakira/@: @clara.chiamartii)

“What a coincidence that the first big event they go to together after Shakira and she chose to wear a full dress too loosewhen she is a girl who had already shown that she likes to show off her great figure.” “How scary that all this that half the world is thinking is true, because she knows that with it I end up having faith in men.” “Her scrubby hair and her round face without her makeup also made me think about what many here are commenting on, yes it’s real that little for Shakira,” they wrote on networks.

The new images would confirm that his new girlfriend is already part of his closest environment, since the great event they attended was one of his colleagues, something that has also caused noise to the fans of the Colombian singer who assure that possibly they knew about the relationship and took sides in favor of their team friend.

This is how they captured the Colombian recently
This is how they captured the Colombian recently

In the midst of the controversy Shakira has also been captured in Madrid, Spain, and although she has put a good face on the subject, despite the great harassment that the media has given her, the Colombian singer has shown that she is willing to continue with her life, although that may include that in the future his former partner becomes a father again.


The new photographs of Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía after their separation from Shakira
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