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We are in the middle of summer and it is the time of the year in which more long trips are made. And it is in these cases when you should pay special attention to the mechanics of your car, especially in a very specific and delicate part. Today we explain why you should never turn off the car engine after a long trip this vacation.

The maintenance of a vehicle involves actions such as passing the ITV when appropriate, making the successive checks to change the oil and filter, the fluid levels, replace the tires and a long etcetera.

But they are also part of the correct maintenance of a car a series of simple habitsbut they are essential to prolong its useful life.

The car has not stopped evolving over more than a hundred years, until it has become almost perfect machines, equipped with many technologies that, in addition to making life easier and more comfortable on board, increase performance and decrease levels of pollution.

One of the great advances in the motor industry has been the Turboa technology that, although it is quite old, was not until the end of the 70s when it began to be perfected and its use became widespread, motivated by the oil crisis. A decade later, the turbodiesel would appear, producing a paradigm shift in Europe.

The turbo in the engines

Since then, turbocharged engines have been increasing their presence in the industry. Atmospheric diesel engines have been out of use for decades due to their poor performance. Instead, there are still naturally aspirated gasoline engines, but reserved for small vehicles with little power or some sports.

Currently, most cars have turbocharged engines that provide some advantages: increase performance and reduce fuel consumption and emissions. But, on the other hand, they also require special care, which not everyone is aware of.

It’s fundamental respect the heating and cooling phases of the motor. We have all assimilated that we must let the mechanics of the car gain temperature until it reaches the optimal working temperature.

During that time, it is convenient Do not rev the engine too much and accelerate progressively. for the temperature to rise. In this way, premature wear of the internal parts of the propeller is avoided.

In addition, it helps the soda circulate through the circuit and all the metals expand and couple before demanding a greater work load from the engine.

Why you should never turn off the car engine after a long trip this vacation

It is just as important to respect this process as it is to leave a few minutes the engine is cooled down before stopping it after a long journey. However, many drivers, when they go on vacation and arrive at their destination, park and immediately turn off the engine. And this is a mistake that can cost you dearly.

Generally, on long trips at highway speeds, turbocharged engines require after a short period of time to cool down.

Not so much the engine as, rather, the turbo. At this workload, the turbocharger gains a lot of temperature and if you don’t give it some time to cool down, you run the risk that the bearings suffer and end up leading to an expensive failure.

When turning off the engine, the turbo turbine continues to rotate and does not receive adequate lubrication. If this is repeated constantly, it will end up breaking down and we are talking about a very serious failure of several thousand euros.

Therefore, when you arrive at your destination after a long trip, whether on vacation or for whatever reason, when you park your car, do not turn off the engine. Let it idle for about two minutes so that the oil lubricates the turbo and the rest of the parts and lowers the temperature. Thus, you will increase its useful life.

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