Will the Government limit operations?

The crypto market offers an alternative to access the dollar, even to make a transfer. But the government has already put its eye on it. Will you be able to do it?

By iProfessional

07/25/2022 – 6:28 p.m.

The crypto market offers an alternative to access the dollareven to make transfer. Now the Government, as part of the restrictions, is keeping an eye on this market to close the tap and stop the leak.

Thus, while the Ministry of Economy tries to close the holes through which the dollars escape, cryptocurrency investors continue to look for loopholes to protect themselves.

“It is intended to contain investors who made the decision to regain their freedom by investing in the crypto dollar“, says Iván Tello, CEO of Decrypto in the program What do we do with the Pesos? (A24), who also shows skeptical with official intent.

Companies turn to the crypto dollar to turn currencies to import

“You have to see how they are going to carry it out because it is very difficult for them to detect a purchase. Most of the platforms are based in the Exterior with which, no matter how much one loads or unloads balance from Argentina, it does not apply. Where are you targeting more specifically? To the companies that are solving the impossibility of transferring currency to import products and were doing it with cryptocurrency given the ease of transferring internationally,” emphasizes

And he adds: “In recent weeks, when you couldn’t buy dollars anywhere, the crypto dollar was still active even on weekends. In fact, after the Friday that the announcements were known, was anticipated at $330 days before the parallel market lined up at that value.”

The Government set its sights on the crypto dollar to stop the flight of currency

Signs of crypto market recovery

After the crypto crash, there was a good week where they were recorded raise up to 80%. The reasons that explain the performance seem to have to do with the expectation generated by a change in the mining system.

“The Merge changes the mining system from proof of work to proof of stake (PoS) which will allow us to demand less electricity to mine and move to a slightly more centralized system, with greater scalability but with more limited prices. We recommend taking Ethereal carefully because this merger is supposed to be a merger for 90% of the current issuance system, greatly reduce the commissions charged in the system and be able to scale significantly,” explains Tello.

In that case, the level of emissions will be reduced from 5.5 million per year to only 0.6 million per year. “The interesting thing is that in that period it will be burned by the same system that had been updated by EIP 1559, which in each transfer burned part of that gas. With which it will become a deflationary currency.”

This novelty will dramatically modify the known cycle of the halving years, when the increase in values ​​came from the demand to reduce emissions. “This time there will be three consecutive halvings that will impact a 90% reduction, and it will be very strong for the bull market. This is how Ethereum shot up from $800 a month ago to $1,600; Bitcoin was no exception and was up 40 percent.”

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