Winter holidays 2022 in Río Negro: unmissable destinations

The 2022 winter holidays are an excellent alternative to get to know different parts of the country, including the province of Río Negro

By George Gobby

07/25/2022 – 4:36 p.m.

The winter holidays 2022 are a great opportunity to get to know Río Negroone of the Argentine provinces that can offer more diversity of destinations to tourists. for this note We are going to talk about two of its regions, La Cordillera and La Costawhich are the most visited by tourists.

Winter holidays 2022 in the Cordillera

Mountains, snow, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, forests: is the landscape of your dreams. There should be no Argentine who does not want to visit this part of Río Negro. Bariloche, due to the quantity and diversity of services, is the city of reference in this area. But since we already dedicated a note to this destination a few weeks ago, we are going to focus on other attractions that are also very relevant to visit on winter holidays.

To begin the tour of the Cordillera area, the best option for those who arrive for tourism is to start in Barilochewhich offers an airport with very good connectivity with the rest of Argentina, and several daily frequencies provided by Aerolineas Argentinas, Flybondi and JetSmart. At this time of year, the demand leads to tickets at prices a little higher than usual, so prices range from 35,000 to 70,000 pesos round trip.

The Cordillera area of

The Cordillera de Río Negro area is a great alternative for the winter holidays 2022

Of course, visiting this area of ​​Argentina at this time of year is a perfect option for lovers of winter sports and snow. The climatic circumstances can complicate the routes along the route, but in return they give incredible snowy landscapes.

The most important locality of the Cordillera de Río Negro, apart from Bariloche, is The Bagginswhich is 120 kilometers from Bariloche; It’s about a two hour drive. There are also several bus services from the Bariloche bus terminal; the tickets go from 950 to 1200 pesos according to the comforts. As for the hotel industry, there is a lot on offer and great dispersion in prices due to the type of amenities. The values ​​range from 7 thousand to 24 thousand pesos per day.

In El Bolsón we will find the Cerro Perito Moreno ski center, where you can do alpine and nordic skiing and snowboarding. If you prefer the tours you can go trekking, sleigh rides and snow walks with racket To go up to the middle part of the mountain there is a double chair lift, and then a chair lift that will take you to the top. There are confectioneries in the various sections of the mountain plus a mountain refuge with rooms. The daily pass for skiers costs 5,900 pesos per day in high season.

For those who want to know the surroundings of Bariloche, a classic is to visit the Nahuel Huapi National Parkwith thousands of hectares of forests and mountains that can be traveled through its system of trails. There are various ferry services that leave from Puerto Pañuelo, near the Llao Llao, and that will leave you in various sectors of the national park.

If what interests you is fishing, there are very good options in the Río Negro mountain range. For example, the Limay river in Dina Huapi, or the Manso and Azul rivers, in the surroundings of El Bolsón, are lavish in these sites of special magnetism for the fisherman.


Las Grutas is one of the coastal cities of Río Negro that can be visited in the winter holidays 2022

Winter holidays 2022: the coast of the province

The coast of Río Negro has some of the most beautiful beaches from Argentina. Some of them, like those of San Antonio Oeste and Las Grutasthey have warmer waters than the average of the beaches of the Buenos Aires coast, and all due to the marine currents. Of course, it is an area that has many more visitors in the summer, but in winter they are excellent places to rest, walk and replenish energy for the rest of the year. Thanks to the summer offer there is a lot of availability of hotel rooms, although not all places are open all year round. Prices are usually located at this time of year between 9 thousand and 12 thousand pesos per day.

The best way to get there from Buenos Aires is in connection with Viedma. Daily flights from Aerolineas Argentinas arrive at the airport of the provincial capital. It is approximately an hour and forty minute flight, with tickets for around 75 thousand pesos round trip. Then they can do the rest of the tour by bus; It is a trip of just over two hours, and tickets cost around 1,300 pesos each way.

Another option is travel by bus directly from Buenos Aires to West San Antonio. It is a trip of just over 14 hours, for prices per section of around 14 thousand pesos. Of course you have to have enough time availability for this option.


San Antonio Oeste is another of the cities to visit during the winter holidays 2022 or at another time

An excellent route to take is the scenic route of the cliffs. Take Provincial Route 1 from Viedma to San Antonio Este. The route that goes close to the coast, on the cliffs to the north of the gulf, has several very interesting panoramic points. To this is added the possibility of seeing the mouth of the Negro River in the Atlantic Ocean. Along this scenic route there is access to different seaside resorts and a wide variety of beaches, sandy or rocky, stretching for hundreds of meters between the sea and the cliffs.

Another attraction in the area is the Punta Bermeja Protected Natural Areawhere a permanent colony of thousands of sea lions lives. This protected site has an interpretation center and a viewpoint to have better views of the landscapes and fauna of the area.

From the towns of San Antonio Este, San Antonio Oeste and Las Grutas it is possible take boat trips to observe the Southern Right Whale and different species of dolphins.

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