Winter holidays: Barely 15% hotel occupancy in Necochea

Without major attractions or events to offer to eventual visitors, the winter holidays in Necochea and Quequén pass almost without occupation in the main lodgings of the city.

The city’s Hotel Association recently pointed out that occupancy is far from being desirable, with an approximate 15% calculated for the occupancy of the available rooms.

“There are many factors, but basically when a city is so marked in the seasonal, there are no attractions or sporting, cultural and recreational events for which it is attractive to come when the weather is not”, indicated the former president of ENTUR and current hotelier, Edward Oteroconsidering that “There are other cities, like Tandil, that have carried out very strong publicity and synergy actions with the private sector and that are not seen here”

In addition, Otero assured that “Necochea has the lowest accommodation value of the tourist places that it has as competition. So the lack of demand is not due to cost issues.”

During his management in charge of tourism entity Otero promoted different events to break the seasonality of the tourist season in summer, offering two main events for this purpose: the Enduropale on the beaches and La Ruta del Tango in bars and restaurants in the city. In addition, different meetings of professionals and sports events promoted by the municipality were held under the concept of “meeting tourism” development.

Currently, tourism does not enjoy special attention from the municipality: the Rojas administration dismantled ENTUR and replaced it with a Secretary of Tourism that was later also eliminated, leaving as the only balance the passage of the former secretary to a permanent plant of the Municipal State, something that caused some displeasure among his companions.

Beyond that, the tourism portfolio was merged with that of Local Production, creating a dependency that should cover tourism development on the one hand and local production on the other, opting for a near abandonment of the promotion of the city to attract tourists. .

In this context, the Rojas management suspended events such as the Enduropale or the Malvinas Veterans Olympics, limiting its actions to advertising campaigns on social networks as one of the few actions to encourage the arrival of visitors, something that for the moment it would not be giving the expected result.

Port Gardella

The image of the lack of visitors in Necochea was evident this Sunday afternoon in one of the newest tourist spots in the city: Puerto Gardella, which had practically all its attractions closed the first weekend of the holidays.

It is that despite the influx of local visitors to the sector, almost all of the premises were closed and inactive and the only service provider was the kiosk on the riverbank that offered hot water for mate and popcorn.

With Puerto Gardella practically closed, the neighbors line up at the nearby kiosk

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