With an eye on the Andean market, the Heights Film Festival begins

In total, there will be 120 films, which will be divided into 24 feature films, 12 short films and 8 projects in development.

the 8th edition of the International Film Festival of the Heights will start this Friday with the screening of “The Andean Screen”, of the Catalan Carmina Balaguerat the Cine Annuar Shopping in the capital of Jujuy, headquarters of the event that will take place from September 2 to 11.

In total, there will be 120 films, which will be divided into 24 feature films, 12 short films and 8 projects in development in their competitive sections, which will be presented in San Salvador de Jujuy, Tilcara and Palpalá, the other two meeting points of the local cinephile which will have in its catalog tapes from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela and Brazil, the country, the latter, guest of honor.

Among the featured films are tapes of Kiro Ruso, Maximiliano Schonfeld, Soledad San Julián, Adriana Bernal Mor and Ginna Ortega, Henry Vallejo Y Claudia Huaiquimillaamong other filmmakers, and the prize they aspire to in each international competition will be 400,000 pesos, the best project in development will receive 250,000 pesos and the best NOA short film 180,000 pesos.

Among the films that will be at the event, out of competition, the award-winning “Chango, the light discovers”of the directors Alejandra Martin and Paola Rizzi, “Official Competition” of Mariano Cohn Y Gastón Duprat, “The Photographer and the Postman: The Crime of Cabezas” with the address of paul hartmann Y “The Dog Who Won’t Shut Up” of Ana Katz. will also be featured “Erdosain”work directed by Fernando Spiner and Ana Peterbargbased on the character of Roberto Arlt.

There will be talks and workshops by Argentores among many other activities
There will be talks and workshops by Argentores, among many other activities.

The Environmental Cinema will present with “Bosquecito” by the director Paulina Muratore; “Sentinels”, of Rosario Jimenez Gil; “The cry of the Suquía”, of Andres Dunayevich; “Jaguar: voice of a territory”, of Simon Gonzalez Velez; “The Conquest of the Ruins”of Eduardo Gomes; “Nest”, of Miguel Barata, Y “Sentients”of Juan Baldana.

In addition, it will be possible to see animation tapes, others about Cinema and Cannabis Y Gender and Diversity Perspective (Transfeminist billboard). There will also be Andes Corridorwith productions from the region; Terror Cordobawith genre films from the Mediterranean province; projections in dome in New technologiesa tribute to July Lencina and another to Agustin Burgos. Brazil will be the guest country for this edition.

As for the projects in development, there will be seven documentaries from the NOA and one from Bolivia were selected for the 4th. DocuLab de las Alturas, which for the fourth consecutive year will be held in Jujuy with the aim of promoting directors and producers who are in the initial stage of their projects through an intensive clinic, reported the organizing body of the event.

The special activities will begin on Saturday at 6 pm, when Santiago Podesta of the Association of Independent Producers of Audiovisual Media (Apima) share the talk linked to “How to produce an Argentine film with national and international funds”meeting that will take place at the Macedonian Cultural Center and Museum Graz.

Other films will include El perro que no calla by Katz and Erdosain by Spiner and Pitterbarg
Among other films will be “El perro que no calla”, by Katz and “Erdosain”, by Spiner and Pitterbarg.

There will also be talks and workshops that will be given by Argentores, they will talk about new technologies, character creation, montage, genre, cinematography and there will be one about sound.

The programming referring to “new technologies” will include the participation of Sumo Inmersiva and the production company Mataca Films, which will allow the installation of a dome in a square next to the local Government House, in the capital city, and which will come to life with a projection and 360° sound where you can enjoy different audiovisual content.

In that same space, Mataca Films will present “The unearthing, an ancestral experience”, technological-cultural experience, which recreates the Andean carnival, simultaneously applies several technologies such as augmented reality, mapping, artificial intelligence, holographyamong other.

Another attraction will be the mobile cinemathat this time it will make three stops: in the jungle area of ​​San Francisco, in Tumbaya (Quebrada de Humahuaca), Abra Pampa and in Aguas Calientes (Yungas).

Luciano Cáceres, Diego Lerman, Andrea Frigerio and Celeste Cid will be present for the section “Exhibition of the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Argentina”, which reviews national films.

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