With mini shorts Andrea Legarreta enjoys her vacations

Currently the famous driver Mexican Andrea Legarreta showed off her toned legs by wearing a mini short burning the foreign beaches enjoying their well-deserved vacations.

This is how Legarreta has conquered the networks by wearing a mini short in the foreign beaches during his big break from work activities.

Over the years, Andrea Legarreta has become one of the hosts who is a benchmark for fashion and style for many women in their 40s and 50s.

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And it is that with her outfits she confirms that she is a fashionistas he let him see from the beach with a flirtatious minishort with which he showed off his legs.

The driver is on vacation with her husband and daughters, spending days off in Indonesia, according to which all family members have shared on their social networks.

Andrea Legarreta and her family have had a exotic triplearning about the culture of that country and even trying excrement coffee, something that caused surprise among his admirers.

However, on this occasion the beautiful Andrea Legarreta shared on her Instagram account, where 5.9 million followers follow, a couple of photos in which she is seen posing sitting on a swing and wearing a black and white swimsuit. white, a set that she combined with a frayed blouse, very much in trend for the summer season.

And from what can be seen in the photos, Andrea Legarreta can be seen wearing a flirty beach outfit, perfect for women who do not want to show a lot of skin, but want to look amazing, as she did.

We don’t stop playing because we get old… We get old because we stop playing. #Playing #SiendoFeliz #Indonesia #gilitrawangan #IslasGili #HappyMe #Travel #wonderfulindonesia Photo by @miarubinlega,” the presenter wrote in the publication.

On the other hand, as you may remember, Andrea Legarreta began her career as a child in television commercials, and although she tried her luck in music and acting, it is her work as a presenter that has made her stand out, since she has definitely known how to conquer her audience with her charisma and beauty.

This is how today she is one of the most beloved drivers by the Mexican public and they quite enjoy seeing her on television whenever the opportunity is given for her great way of carrying out her work.

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