With romantic images, Mariano Martínez mentioned Lali Espósito in a post and caused confusion

The actor shared a fragment of Esperanza mía, the novel in which he starred with Lali Espósito

In January 2016 Lali Esposito and Mariano Martinez they made their separation official, and months later both hinted in different interviews that they had not concluded the bond on good terms. At that time, a private audio of the actor was even leaked where he criticized the singer, and the artist’s fans remember his words to this day. That’s why A post by the actor was surprising where he mentioned his ex-partner, and the comments reflected the mixed feelings of his followers.

For several weeks, the actor shares on his Instagram account, some fragments of the successful strips in which he was a part. This is how he relived iconic moments with Nicolás Cabré, and suddenly he chose a video clip of the fiction where he played Father Tomás, a priest who leaves his habits after falling in love with Esperanza (Espósito). “In the novel my hopethat we starred with @lalioficial, where I also had to do this song “he titled the publication, which exceeds 24,000 pleasures.

The posting of Mariano Martínez that aroused reactions of all kinds in the networks

In the compilation it is appreciated all the romantic history of the characters, and several passionate kisses are included, while Martínez gives voice to the song “I go crazy for you”. With more than 2 million followersthe messages were not long in coming, to the point that appears in the legend “comments limited” in the post, hinting that the actor himself had to personalize the content. Some of the mixed opinions that were recorded were: “I loved it, I always looked at it and they made a beautiful couple”; “Is it shit? Aren’t you ashamed after everything that happened?“; “Delete it already”; “I laughed a lot with you, do something together again.”

It should be remembered that in early 2021 the actor was invited to The Mammonsthe program that Jey Mammon hosted on the screen of America, and had a failed act that the driver did not let him pass. “I did very well in brave, love after love, and… Oh, I don’t get it… The one with the priest… Eh…my hope! That brought a lot of success.”he hesitantly listed when discussing his career. He was talking about the 2015 Polka event that led to a romance between the actors.

“That’s why you forgot the title! Because you were with Lali!”Jey retorted, while laughing the guest clarified: “Nope! I remember her with joy and affection. Life things!”. And about the passion that their relationship continues to generate among fans, he reflected: “These are things that happen when you fight with someone. They take sides. Both on one side and the other things were said that are not right. Lali is a really good person. It didn’t go well for us, nothing else.”

Lali Espósito and Mariano Martínez were a couple from mid-2015 to early 2016
Lali Espósito and Mariano Martínez were a couple from mid-2015 to early 2016

Almost six years ago, a personal voice message that the actor had sent to someone had emerged, where he called the artist “disastrous, spiteful, very bad.” Faced with the commotion that was generated, Mariano apologized through Twitter: “If I ever said something bad, it was hot. It never happened to them? Well, what luck. I do, and I don’t think those things about anyone. I can be wrong.”

I don’t like aggression and I think it’s more than clear that I said that in private and angry. I repeat, I don’t think so. And it saddens me that this happens, ”he lamented. Shortly after, Lali tweeted a fragment of her song “Boomerang”, which says in the letter: “This time with me you will not be able; From so much talking I no longer remember what you think; to criticize today feeds your absence”. Then during a note with Jorge Rial, the actress acknowledged that she was not indifferent to the words of her ex-boyfriend.

The actors starred in Esperanza mía on the screen of El Trece, a successful soap opera that debuted in April 2015
The actors starred in Esperanza mía on the screen of El Trece, a successful soap opera that debuted in April 2015

“It was the first time that something external impacted me and hurt me (…) The things that come from outside do have an influence, it depends on who you are, how you are and how much they matter to you,” he had reflected. When Rial asked him about an alleged infidelity, he replied: “You are crazy? I was never unfaithful in my life”. And she added: “I’m a bitch for a lot of things, but I don’t get mad at people, and that hurt me a lot; It was the first time I had a bad time because I was in a very recent separation process and it was like: ‘what? how are they going to say that?’”because it puts me in a place of something that I’m not really.”

“Mariano left open the possibility of thinking something else that gave way to the invention of a situation,” he attacked. And he closed: “Maybe he thought it, if he says something it’s because he thinks it.” Regarding the actor’s recent post, Lali did not respond to the publication or make any mention of her on social networks.


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