With the “ranch” elsewhere: the riders go en masse to the route

Boxes, tents, vehicles with bodies to enjoy and celebrate the anniversary of the local club / Dolores Ripoll

Passionate about life outdoors and those trips that allow you to enjoy the itineraries with greater freedom, the members of “Ranchomóvil Club Argentino La Plata” yesterday started their first caravan of mobile homes and motorhomes to celebrate the entity’s 38 years.

“This is the first outing that we do in such an organized way along routes in the province because there were other trips through the interior and through Brazil, but not with so many participants,” said Julio Arnesen, president of the institution.

The Ranchomóvil, in which about 120 holders participate, is a non-profit entity, it is in Lisandro Olmos, calle 197 y 66, near Provincial Route 36, in the South access. A total of 26 vehicles took off on the anniversary trip.

On the property there is a nursery and a camping area to receive travelers from other cities.

The objective of the club is to promote family activities, using mobile homes, motorhomes, trailers, tents and whatever allows you to be close to the natural environment.

On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays different activities are carried out because, although many cannot go on a trip, it is also a good plan for them to settle in the mobile home or motorhome and socialize with other people who also like alternative tourism and connection with nature.

In general, the journey that the members of Ranchomóvil took began in a youth camp that later encouraged them to pack their backpacks and go for more until planning the purchase of their first mobile home.

“I am from Lomas de Zamora, but there are people from Brandsen, Mar del Plata, the federal capital, Lanús and most are from La Plata,” said Arnensen, adding that among the partners there are people ranging from 40 to 80 years old. and several women who usually travel alone.

Atilio Gómez defined himself as a “lifelong rodante”, a way of traveling that in the last 43 years has allowed him to tour all of Argentina and spread that passion to his children and grandchildren.

“This is the first institutional outing of so many participants that we do for the 38 years of Ranchomóvil, we are all united by the love for life outdoors and the desire to have fun while we get to know the towns, their culture and their people”, explained Atilio .

When mentioning a place that has impacted him, dozens come to mind, but he stopped at Angastaco, a small town located in the Calchaquí Valleys, Salta. “It is between Cachi and Cafayate, to get there we had to cross the rubble of Route 40; It was very nice to meet his people and numerous family wineries that invited us to tour”, he pointed out.

Travelers agreed that the natural atmosphere is enjoyed in a very different way from what is experienced on a “conventional” trip in which you sleep in rental houses or hotels. It was also noted that much less is spent and, as an example, they cited that this 7-day outing that they have just started only cost them 7,000 pesos per couple.

The riders ensure that nature is enjoyed more and less is spent

Among the things that are most valued is the possibility of stopping the trip at any time and in a place that one finds curious or attractive.

On this occasion, the caravan of 26 families will extend until September 11 and will have the city of Rauch as its first destination, but before that they will make a 20-minute ordering stop in General Belgrano. An hour later they will stop for two hours to have lunch and at around 16:30 they plan to arrive at the spa campsite.

One of the planned activities is to participate as spectators of the “National Breed Bird Festival” and share lunches, community dinners and walks through the spa.

The objective is to touch several points, up to the Olavarría area and return to La Plata in a week.

They also organized an outing to the Colonia San Miguel Complex and for next Friday, a city tour through the Las Bayas mountains, in Olavarría.

On Saturday, September 10, in the afternoon, the walks through the Colonia San Miguel community will continue, there will be a community dinner, dance, toast and the end of the caravan will be marked.

In a week, when the caravan is back in Olmos, it will have traveled about 390 kilometers.

travel tips

From the Ranchomóvil all the members of the caravan were reminded that it is important to have the tank filled with fuel, to have the minimum maintenance of the vehicle up to date (for example: state of the motor oil and oil filter; check the air filter, fuel filter and fluid status.

It is also mentioned that it is opportune to check the condition of the tires and the air pressure, the correct operation of all the lights, windshield wipers, etc. Check the state of the fire extinguisher, of the bottle

Table, chairs, tablecloth, utensils, drinks, extension cords and electric shoe are other elements that appear on the camper’s list. The most active organize recreational activities and board games, integration factors that are in the manual.

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