Woman To Woman, the black music trio that almost did not appear and achieved the vote of 100 in Sing With Me Now

The Woman to Woman trio performed “Think” and obtained 100 points in Sing With Me Now (El Trece)

Wednesday night ended with the highest scores so far in sing with me now. The singing contest that leads Marcelo Tinelli in The thirteen He finished with a podium of 298 points, almost bordering on perfection. It all started with a trio of girls, who defied the nerves and the imponderables of the previous one with a performance that unleashed madness in the studio.

“Are Dana, Belu and Indira woman to womana trio that was born to pay tribute to African-American women of soul, R&B, disco, funk”, they pointed out in the presentation, with a self-confidence that presaged something great. “For the hundred to stand we have to be ourselves, flow, spread the energy that this genre has”, raised Indira. And with that attitude they took to the track to open the gala.

“Challenging faces”, analyzed Marcelo Tinelli while the jury tried to figure out what genre they were going to interpret. “Tonight we go for the hundred”, they redoubled already on stage ready to keep their word. And boy did they succeed. With the spotlights on them, uniformed in black but each with their own distinct style, the participants captivated from the first beats of “Think” by Aretha Franklin. They toured the stage with histrionics but without ever losing the pitch or the choreography.

Sofi Morandi debuted in Canta Conmigo Ahora and fell for the charms of Woman To Woman (Ramiro Souto – LaFlia)

If the objective was to stop the hundred jurors, they fell short. Midway through the show, the rostrum had become the most fervent populara. Arms raised, wild shouts and faces that mixed smiles and gestures of disbelief and that became a festival ovation when they concluded their participation.

In full euphoria, Marcelo Tinelli approached the trio to start the formal presentation and the cascade of praise: “They are three goddesses, what character do they have, how did they stand here, the stage posture… where did they come from? How long have you been singing together?” asked the host, unaware that he was about to reveal a secret that made the audition even more surprising.

Marcelo Tinelli with the girls from Woman To Woman: perfect score in Sing With Me Now (Ramiro Souto. LaFlia)
Marcelo Tinelli with the girls from Woman To Woman: perfect score in Sing With Me Now (Ramiro Souto. LaFlia)

“We have had this group for six years, but one of the participants could not come due to personal problems and two days ago we summoned her to this Goddess”, explained Belu and Indira to introduce Dana. “We know her as a singer, we call her to save us the potatoes and in two days we join as singers”, they pointed out in three voices. And with a full of yellow lights in front of them, the jury heard the returns.

“You have to make a sound of black being white. The harmonies, dance. All three are tremendous,” he said. Natalia Cociuffo. “They tore it all up. It was Beyonce, Whitney, all together. Parker stood up, Marce. Do you understand?“, plot Caro Ibarra in reference to the demanding jury that could not resist the charms of soul. With a smile that contradicted his bad reputation, the actor praised the complicity between the three: “They did what was fair and necessary. There is a lot of work, many hours of flight and it shows. They reminded me of the girls from the shop of horror”, he pointed out euphorically.

The returns of the jury to the presentation of Woman to Woman (Sing with me now. El Trece)

In his jury debut, sofi morandi He was grateful that he had the trio because it served to loosen his nerves: “All the incredible voices. So much fun and I re-enjoyed it,” she noted. Celeste Carballo He highlighted the profession that the girls showed: “Since they planted the scene at the entrance, it was perfect and natural. That feels and we knew they were going to win.” Y Cristian castro He opted for power: “A very strong punch, we had not seen something like this for a long time.”

The host wanted to treat himself and asked each of the participants to sing a fragment a cappella, and they showed that nothing had been coincidence. The score, naturally, was a big 100 like the study that placed them at the top of the podium and that, on a night of great talents, they had to defend at the last minute before the plenary session that Lucas Díaz also achieved. A place that will belong to them until someone determines otherwise.


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